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Embark on a captivating journey into the digital realm with the AndrisR blog at, where Andris Rozentals’ visual storytelling skills come to life. With an unwavering commitment to detail and a genuine passion for capturing life’s most exhilarating moments, the AndrisR website stands as a testament to his exceptional talent in photography and design. Continuously updated and enriched, the blog ensures that visitors are consistently enticed to return and immerse themselves in its ever-evolving content. Moreover, the blog extends its presence to popular social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and Twitter, making it easily accessible by searching for “AndrisR” or “@andrisr38.” Discover a wealth of captivating content on the AndrisR blog. So what’s new to see on AndrisR’s blog?

In the Useful category, you will find:

The benefits and drawbacks of portfolios and blogs in 2024
Portfolios and blogs will continue to be highly sought-after platforms for showcasing skills, understanding, and experiences in the year 2024. After reading the article, you will find out which is the most suitable platform for you, a blog or a portfolio.

Do photographers need a website or social networks?
In the digital age, having an online presence is crucial for professionals in any industry, including photographers. While social networks are valuable tools for networking and showcasing work, a dedicated website offers numerous advantages that can significantly benefit a photographer’s career. You will learn more by reading this article on AndrisR’s blog.

Future of design software: Adobe Creative Cloud vs Affinity in 2024
This article is about discovering which design software suite, Adobe Creative Cloud or Affinity, is most suitable for web and graphic designer needs in 2024 year.

In Fashion category:

Beauty of the Collected Story collection “Inner Sense”
During the 37th Riga Fashion Week, at the cultural and entertainment center Hanzas Perons hosted the unveiling of “Inner Sense,” the latest collection by Latvian clothing brand, Collected Story. Here you will find photos and video from the fashion show.

Exploring the personal journey of Szczygiel RESET collection
The RESET collection embodies a personal journey, featuring a color palette of beige and pastels complemented by metallic accessories. Central to this collection are natural elements, with raw cotton and an abundance of prints created through natural methods. For more about the Szczygiel brand, refer to the article.

Stockmann X: Showcase of Latvian designers at 37th RFW
Insight into the special autumn fashion showcase, Stockmann X, which took place on the main stage of Riga Fashion Week at Hanzas Perons. It was a collaboration between renowned Latvian designers Pixie Won’t Play, Anna Led, Guna Nabare, Una Bērziņa, and Cinnamon Concept with the Stockmann department store. Here you will find photos from the fashion show.

In other categories:

MXGP Of Latvia: The ultimate motocross experience, day 2
Insight in the MXGP Of Latvia 2023, the eighth stage of the FIM Motocross World Championship second day. Where race continues with intense competition at the Zelta Zirgs motocross track in Ķegums.

Aminata: Unforgettable solo concert Paisums.Bēgums
The talented singer Aminata finally performed her long-awaited solo concert “Paisums.Bēgums” at the Palladium Concert Hall to celebrate the release of her new full-length album. You can take a look at a small glimpse of the concert on AndrisR’s blog.

Creative and eye-catching advertising banners for online stores
Some exciting and innovative online store advertising banners are designed to attract attention and be memorable.

Advertising opportunities.

Alongside its impressive galleries, AndrisR’s blog presents a wide range of advertising opportunities. You have the freedom to choose from various banner sizes to be displayed on different pages, and if necessary, Andris can lend a hand with design services. Furthermore, you can opt to sponsor event galleries or request promotional articles that highlight your specific events.

In conclusion

AndrisR, the blog by photographer Andris from Latvia, presents a captivating collection of photographs capturing diverse events in Latvia, including Riga Fashion Week, concerts, and sports competitions. The blog not only offers visually stunning images but also offers informative content and engaging videos for the audience’s pleasure. Andris is active on social networks like Facebook, Instagram, Threads, and Twitter, where you can find him under the name AndrisR or the username @AndrisR38.

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