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5 Tips to Manage Quality Control for Amazon FBA

Getting quality products from your suppliers is crucial in any business. Your motivation as a seller is affected first because you know how anyone would feel when they are sold a low-quality item. Your business is affected next, as most customers usually steer clear of stores where such goods are sold. If you have a backing like Amazon, the quality of goods you get from your suppliers is crucial to sales.

You must ensure consistent product quality from your suppliers because of your customers and the random Amazon tester. This is because your entire listing on Amazon depends on it. Sales of poor or low-quality products can affect your store rating or deprive you of privileges associated with your profile. This article provides tips to help you manage quality control in your business on Amazon FBA.

Best Tips to Manage Quality Control for Amazon FBA

When selling on Amazon FBA, the quality of your products ensures sales and longevity on the platform. Managing quality control is not easy, especially if you work with suppliers. For proper management of quality control, the following tips are valuable:

Avoid Low-Quality Products

Low-quality items are detrimental to consistency and success in sales. The problem with selling low-quality products on Amazon FBA is that customers can leave a review and rate aspects of your offerings. This means you will bear the full brunt of selling customers low-quality goods. Poor reviews and ratings will affect sales first since most people are likely to buy based on the experience of your previous customers.

Such reviews will always make customers seek alternatives with better offerings. An inquiry will quickly reveal the cause of the problem to be your products. First, your listing privileges will be withdrawn while you fix the problem. If you cannot, it is only a matter of time before you lose your listing on the platform. Avoid this by employing the services of an independent company to conduct quality inspections for your products before shipping.

Conduct Quality Inspections

Inspecting the quality of your products for consistency before shipping them off for delivery to your customers is a crucial part of your business as a whole. It is possible to avoid doing an inspection, but you cannot count on it. Quality inspection may cost you some money, but a defect of quality in your products can do a lot of damage to your brand’s reputation.

Conducting pre-shipment inspections will help you deal with problems in product quality while still at the factory stage. Once the products are supplied, it will be more expensive to deal with quality problems. You need the services of a third-party inspection company that can check samples of your products while still in production. This will help to avoid errors that may lead to a total overhaul of the manufacturing process.

Pay Attention to Labelling

Labeling your product usually seems like an easy task, until you find poor execution affecting your listing on Amazon FBA. The platform has unique requirements to meet when labeling your product for sale. It is not more important to go with your designer than it is to heed the conditions provided for properly labeling your product. After procuring the platform’s terms, you need a third-party inspection company to help you stay on track.

Have a list of requirements to be met when enlisting the services of a third-party inspection company. The platform requires that accurate information about your product offering be written clearly on the label. To enhance this, ensure it is on a white background and readable. The label on the packaging should also contain a barcode unique to the product.

Fulfill Packaging Criteria

Packaging is another aspect of production that requires proper attention. When selling offline, there are many ways you can employ to package products without being liable for pre-sale damage. There are other criteria to meet when packaging products for sale online. Fulfilling Amazon FBA’s packaging criteria is necessary to protect your product as the shipment is done through flights, trucks, and the hands of a delivery person.

To fulfill the criteria, proper packaging must be done for your product to protect it from elements of travel, especially dirt and dust. Your product must be able to retain its quality without dirt seeping in as it is shipped on flights and trucks to the customer. The packaging of your product should not break or leak its contents suddenly while in transit. You can perform carton-drop tests to ensure it survives the delivery man’s hands.

Quantity in Boxed Packages

Packaging is a straightforward process with simple things to pay attention to. It is also one of the places things are most likely to go wrong. After the product is in its own package, each has to be arranged for shipping in a larger carton. Smaller shipments can usually be divided properly into larger cartons equally. Packaging thousands of products into larger cartons for shipping, however, can come with irredeemable errors.

An inspection company should be contacted to take care of packaging large shipments. You cannot afford for things to go wrong here after all the energy put into production. A simple error in the SKUs on the product package and the larger carton can be a problem. Each larger carton must have the same contents. All shipments should be divided into equal units for packaging in the larger cartons for accuracy.


The reputation of most businesses and brands depends on the consistent quality of production and delivery of their goods. The services of third-party inspection companies are usually secured to manage quality control while corrections can still be made. Companies like EC Global Inspection are tasked with managing quality control while the products are still under manufacturing. This way, quality can be redeemed at a much cheaper cost. A series of pre-shipment inspections are carried out while the order in China is still about 75% to 80% completed. EC Global Inspection will help you with quality management, ensuring you get good quality from your suppliers every time.

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