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Corian kitchen worktops online

All You Need To Know About Corian Kitchen Worktops Online

The only characteristics Corian kitchen worktops have in common with marble and granite are their glitz and deceptively similar appearance. This material is highly sought-after for designing kitchen countertops due to its appearance and polish. Continue reading to learn more about the Corian worktop cost, color possibilities on the market, advantages, and disadvantages.

Corian solid surface countertops: Material & Colors

Corian, often known as solid surface countertops, combines plastic- and stone-derived acrylic polymers. When the mixture is poured into regular molds, solid sheets are produced. The material has the same appearance throughout its thickness because of the composition’s constancy. The material has an added depth of texture and design due to the inclusion of stones, shattered glass, and pebbles, which also gives it a natural appearance.


Corian countertops used to come in a mottled earthy brown tone, but today’s possibilities span practically the whole color gamut, from pure black to beige and bright brown. Golds, purples, and corals explore the material’s whimsical side, while plain blacks and traditional white Corian worktops satisfy the current minimalist taste.


Corian Kitchen worktops: Pros & Cons

When compared to other materials, Corian is less expensive, easier to work with, and results in less waste. However, customization may increase the cost of Corian even further.

Depending on a variety of different factors, the final cost of Corian may vary greatly. The primary variables are the color, design, and complexity of the kitchen countertop setup. Additional considerations include detailed design elements like edges, drain boards, mounted sinks, or other unique shapes.

Buying  Corian kitchen worktops online has a few intriguing advantages, as well as some drawbacks.


  1. Appearance

Solid surface countertops made of Corian closely resemble the sheen and beauty of granite and marble.

  1. Colors

Corian countertops come in a wide range of hues, from vivid pinks and purples to vivid turquoise and frosty blues.

  1. Stain Free

It is easily washed with water and soap and is somewhat stain-resistant.

  1. Market Availability

The primary feature of Corian is its accessibility as a pre-designed, pre-cut material that can be customized to meet specific kitchen needs, minimizing material waste and additional work.

  1. Corian Countertops Edges

Additionally, it is smooth and spotless, so there are no unattractive seams or jagged edges to be seen. A variety of edge designs, from a straightforward “eased” or bull-nosed edge to more intricate “Classic” or “Spanish” styles, can also be incorporated into the kitchen design. In order to replicate the typical block countertop, edges can also be replicated.

  1. Multipurpose

Seams can be completely removed by molding a Corian backsplash with the countertop and utilizing the same Corian material for both. Single and double bowl sink layouts made of Corian are available in a wide range of hues and textures. They can be integrated with the countertop or put independently as a top or under-mounted for a seamless design. To keep the area neat, most counters also have a built-in drainboard.

  1. Corian Top Material

The material is easily sculptable and can be formed into any shape or curve using a technique called “thermoforming,” opening up countless design options. Its capacity to shine through the surface is an additional benefit. It can covertly conceal lights and illumination.

  1. Easy Repair

The simplicity of Corian countertops’ repairability in the event of dents, scratches, or other damage makes them special. It’s not always required to be replaced.


If the damage is modest, leveling out the surface and sanding or cleaning the scratch or blemish can be done as a quick DIY project. Resurfacing might be a better choice for deeper scratches.


  1. Maintenance

Despite being stain-resistant, Corian counters are easily and frequently permanently scratched. Being soft, these solid surface counters require extreme caution when using knives and other heavy objects that could scratch the surface.


  1. Low Heat Resistance

Another drawback is the material’s inability to handle hot pans and cooking utensils for more than a few seconds. This may irreparably harm the content.

  1. Cleaning

Despite being relatively simple to clean with common materials, ordinary cleaning products like bleach can discolor it when used for an extended period. Never use harsh abrasive materials, such as window cleaners, on them. For Corian countertops, it is preferable to continue using pH-neutral cleaners.

Installation Corian worktop cost

The kind and size of the worktop being placed would impact how much it would cost to install a Corian countertop. A 2m2 Corian worktop installation costs between £1,200 and £1,400. For a 4m2 Corian worktop installation, the typical cost would be around £2,200 to £2,600, and your budget would need to increase to roughly £1,700 to £2,000 for a 3m2 Corian worktop.

In addition to the size and style of the worktop, location and ease of access are also important Corian worktop cost aspects to consider. The latter issue would be relevant because labor costs differ across the UK. Although Corian worktops are not inexpensive, they have a number of advantages, including strength and aesthetic appeal.


With Solid Worktops, which offers Corian kitchen worktops online, finding the ideal worktop is simple. We can provide you with more information about Corian worktop cost and alternative materials. You are welcomed to have a look at our most recent modular kitchen designs, which are built with durability in mind.

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