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All 18 Wuthering Waves Characters 

Wuthering Games is an upcoming role-playing game by Kuro Game with elements and gameplay style similar to Genshin Impact. 

Emphasizing action and exploration, the game features lots of characters to control, each with their own special qualities and abilities.

With the game scheduled for release in May of 2024, there have been a lot of rumors about this title. There have also been some closed beta tests that did not really offer a lot of information.

When it comes to the characters available for play, Wuthering Waves has a decent number of characters, called Resonators, with differing stats, weapons, and other characteristics.

A wide range of characters means a potentially limitless number of ways to play Wuthering Waves. Here is a guide to some of the characters you can play as in this vast and fantastic world.

Character Profiles

Aside from appearances, characters in Wuthering Waves will differ in character stats, with the differences in some factors being more prevalent as they level up. These traits include:

  • Hit Points
  • Attack
  • Defense
  • Crit Rate %
  • Resonance Efficiency %
  • Crit DMG %
  • Max Stamina
  • Resonance Skill DMG Bonus

Some supplies, skills, weapons, and other items can also boost some of these stats temporarily or while said items are equipped.

Aside from the basic stats, characters can also vary when it comes to rarity, as well as their attack capabilities and skills. 

These skills and abilities can either be passive or active and can either deal damage, provide shields, or give you and your teammates stat boosts, among other effects.

Each character will also be affiliated with a specific element, and the way to utilize these elements in battle will be integral to expose weaknesses in enemies.

All Wuthering Waves Characters

Listed below are all the Wuthering Waves characters that are currently available in the game. Take note that this information is based on the most recent version released and may change once the official version has been made available.

This list comes in no particular order.

Rover (Male or Female)

Rover is the main character of the game and can either be male or female based on the player’s choice. Rover is a five-star Spectro-element character and utilizes a sword to fight.

Rover has the capability of dealing high DPS, and skills can quickly increase Rover’s damage further. The character can also create a stagnation area which can quickly turn the tide in battle.


An Aero warrior, Jiyan uses a broadsword in combat. He is also a five-star character when it comes to rarity.

Jiyan has lots of air-based attacks. The character can also enter Qingloong Mode. This will increase the damage of certain attacks.


A five-star rarity character, Calcharo is affiliated with the Electro element. He uses the broadsword in battle.

One of Calcharo’s skills, Extermination Order, can be cast 3 times in a row. He can also utilize his shadow and use it to attack targets in front of him.


Yinlin is a five-star rarity character. She is an Electro-element character and uses a Rectifier in combat.

The character utilizes a puppet which can mark enemies that can deal extra damage when attacked with some of Yinlin’s skills. Her skill Magnetic Roar can also increase her Crit Rate by 15% for 5 seconds.


Yangyang is another character that uses a sword. She uses the Aero element and is a four-star rarity Resonator.

Yangyang can be used to attract and group enemies together using either Breezy Domain or Wind Spirals. She can also juggle enemies using Cerulean Song. 

However, her attack capabilities seem somewhat lacking, so it would probably be stronger units that would be required to finish these enemies off, preferably with an AoE attack.


Verina is a five-star rarity Resonator that serves more as a support character. A Spectro-element character, Verina uses a Rectifier in battle.

Verina’s abilities include healing the team as well as team members from falling, in addition to giving them a shield. She can also increase the damage of the team.


Sanhua is a four-star rarity character that controls ice, being affiliated with the Glacio element. The character can equip swords and use them to great effect via her abilities.

Sanhua’s abilities center around ice structures that can detonate and deal damage to nearby enemies. 


Taoqi is a character that focuses more on being a tank and receiving damage. She is a four-star rarity character that belongs to the Havoc element. Taoqi utilizes the Broadblade weapon.

Taoqi’s skills focus on the creation of Rocksteady Shields that can reduce damage from attacks. She can also restore her health and increase her defense.


Another Havoc element affiliated, four-star rarity character, Danjin is a bit complex to utilize for her skill, Incinerating Skill, that actually causes her to lose a portion of their health.

Danjin is capable of dealing high DPS, and her defense is also pretty decent. Some of her attacks can also help her restore her health as well as increase damage.


Lingyang is a five-star rarity character that uses Gauntlets to fight. His element is Glacio, and he uses his speed to deal heavy damage quickly to enemies.

Lingyang is best for close range combat, as he can attack fast and savagely. His skills can also result in increased Glacio damage.


Using Pistols in battle, Aalto is best for ranged combat. He is a four-star rarity character and uses the Aero element in combat.

Aalto’s skills focus on the creation and usage of mist, which can increase his stats such as speed as well as help his attacks to deal extra Aero damage.


Mortefi is a four-star rarity character that is affiliated with the Fusion element. Using Pistols, Mortefi utilizes anger to deal more damage in battle.

The character has abilities that can chain damage through the skills Burning Rhapsody and Rhythm Freedom, the latter of which can exponentially increase Mortefi’s damage by 50 times.


Encore is a five-star rarity character and is a Fusion-affiliated Resonator. Aside from being equipped with a Rectifier, Encore also always has her companion Wooly by her side.

Encore’s skills are centered towards summoning Wooly and other helpers to assist her in battle. She can also create a Thermal Field that can continuously damage enemies in the area.


Chixia is a Fusion character and is armed with Pistols. She is a four-star rarity fighter and is best for long-range encounters.

Boasting high attack and Crit Damage but low in defense, Chixia can do rapid firing and can stack damage through her Inherent Skill.


Baizhi is a Glacio element affiliated Resonator and serves as a pretty good healer for the team. She is a four-star rarity character and uses a Rectifier as a weapon.

Baizhi’s skills are focused on healing teammates as well as summoning You’tan for additional damage.


Yuanwu utilizes the Electro element and is a four-star rarity character. A close-range fighter, Yuanwu uses Gauntlets as his weapons of choice.

Yuanwu uses Leihuangquan to deal damage with punches and kicks, and he can also increase his and his team’s damage by infusing them with lightning.


Jianxin is a five-star rarity character that also uses Gauntlets. She belongs to the Aero element.

Jianxin can pull enemies within a field and cause damage. She can also boost her shield and increase her defense further when Primordial Chi Spiral is used.


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