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Agra- Explore the Majestic Taj Mahal and Agra Fort


Weekend trips from Delhi offer a welcome break from city life.Delhi, India’s capital, is busy, but it’s quick pace might make residents want to escape. the Taj Mahal was made and designed in such a tricky way that if one is seeing the Taj Mahal from behind the main gate it would look big in size. But as one advances towards the main gate automatically it contracts in size. It was not the first time when Mughal architecture used such mind blowing tricks.
There are also many tricks and intelligence behind making of this beautiful structure as the four pillars are made in such a way that the last two pillars are leaning at an outwards side. But what was the reason that its architects wanted to protect it so adamantly? As we all know that Shah Jahan made the design of the Taj Mahal for his beloved wife and he also took inventiveness from his predecessors’ tombs for Taj Mahal’s design. The idea of pillars was taken from his father’s tomb and building core from grandfather’s tomb and the idea of the Dome from his uncle’s tomb. For the construction of the Taj Mahal billions of baked bricks were used which would give a strong structure. 

The historical beliefs of Taj Mahal:
If you love visiting historical sites, then visit the Taj Mahal and learn more about the history of India and the power of true love in the 17th century!

It took 4 Mughal generations and 95 years for Agra Fort to be built. The Mughal used to ride horses, camels, and Elephants and these cuttings acted as speed breakers to avoid slipping. When the army entered the Royal fort, the army was alerted by this sound to welcome them. Even during an attack this sound alerted the army and heavy rolling boulders were used to attack the intruders. However, the intruders used to hide by getting close to the walls.
But it was impossible to hide as these walls had running hot water on one side and hot oil on the other side. This used to hurt their legs and ultimately the intruders died under the rolling boulders. The boulder couldn’t pass through the small gate and the intruders had no way to retreat. The boulder locked into the gate and no army from the outside could enter the fort. Akbar created this fort in a 2.5 km radius which is divided into 2 parts. 75% was kept for his army and the protection of the fort and 25% was used as a Royal Palace.

The Magical views of Taj Mahal:

visit taj mahal

It was built during the rule of Shah Jahan in the memory of his wife, Mumtaz Mahal. 

The entire monument was built with white marble which was brought from different places in India and the world. Its walls are decorated with precious stones. Taj Mahal is a marvellous tomb and it has a beautiful love story behind the building of this iconic monument. The Taj Mahal is a 400 years old building that used to be the biggest and most magnificent building of its time. The Taj is also one of the best monuments and it is also among the seven wonders of the world. If we imagine its valuation at present then this marble will be  a cladded tomb is worth $ 1 billion or more than ₹7.5 crore. Because the Mughal architectures were quite genius and they were excellent designers which is why at present today also they are being praised by each and every citizen of India and visitors from outside India. 


We can only visit this 25% of the fort as 75% is being used by the Indian Army till date. Only 25 percent is accessible for visitors. There is a hole which was used as a stable for the horses, camels and elephants in the Mughal Era. It was also used to serve as an entry exit point from the army site.
In the middle you can see a stone tub between the railings which is called Jahangir’s bath tub, when Jahangir was born it was gifted by his maternal uncle for bathing. The beauty of this tub is that it comes with 6 steps, 3 on the inside and 3 on the outside. It doesn’t have any joints and is made from a single piece of stone. When Jahangir was baby the maids used to take him for a bath but as he grew up he was the same height as the bathtub. 

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