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A breakup is hard for everyone, but is grief different for men and women? Discover who gets more stressed after a breakup and how it works.

Why Men are More Stressful After a Breakup Compared to Women

Why Men are More Stressful After a Breakup Compared to Women?

The psychological impact of breakups is never easier to cope with as they might seem to many. It disturbs both men and women mentally and people might take some time to get over those mental issues. Men and women have different mindsets altogether and are emotionally different from each other mostly because of the different social roles that they play. This attests to the fact that breakups can have a varying psychological effect on men and women. There have been various studies done by scholars and psychologists analyzing the impact that breakups have on the mental health of men and women.

Studies supporting that men are more stressed than women after breakups.

Generally, women are described as emotional beings as they tend to express their emotions more than men. Following this belief people normally expect women to be more upsetting and mentally hurt compared to men. There have been studied done on the question of whether men feel more disturbed than women after a breakup. As per the Binghamton University and University College of London’s study of the psychological impact of breakup on men and women, even though women are affected badly they tend to recover quickly from the stress and mental pain evolving much more emotionally stronger than they were, whereas, they say that, men having comparatively less mental and physical pain moves on in their lives without a complete recovery, which mostly makes their lives stressful. Expressing sad and disturbing emotions always helps in relieving the mind to a great extent which helps when in getting over the stress of breakup faster than men. The research was conducted on around 5705 people across 96 countries. Men take various ways to keep themselves distracted like travelling, random dating, use of sex doll for pleasure and using hobbies as a way to find some peaceful moments.

The social role that men and women are expected to play.

Society always has unwritten laws regarding the behaviour of men and women and these laws and expectations cannot always be good for everyone. Women are expected to be emotional beings, expressing their emotions openly. But men on the other hand address taught not to cry or express their emotions. The social role of men which asks them to be emotionally stronger than women in fact, turns out to be the source of mental tensions and stress that most men face. Men might also relate breakups to a loss of something as women are objectified more often and seen as a thing of possession and the sense of loss of a woman might bring in the feelings of sorrow as well as embarrassment. These societal pressures make them mentally stressed out. Women at the same time are considered weak and vulnerable and get the support of family and friends in getting out of their pains.


Breakups that are common in this generation can never be considered insignificant, it has a hard-hitting impact on both men and women. Even though both take it differently, various case studies explain the fact that women get back faster than men, as they express themselves in a better way, while men usually refuse to accept their emotions and end up remaining stressed for a longer period. Men should be taught to express themselves in a better way like women as it can help them in getting out of mental stress.

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