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Cleaning Services in Brooklyn

Affordable Cleaning Services in Brooklyn – You Don’t Have to Break the Bank

Finding an affordable cleaning service in Brooklyn may seem challenging with so many options at different price points. You want your home cleaned regularly but don’t want your budget busted. The good news is there are ways to get quality cleaning help in Brooklyn without spending a fortune. 

Taking the time to research options, compare rates, and look for discounts can help you find a great service at an amount you can afford. With some planning and creative solutions, like prioritizing key rooms, you can establish a cleaning routine that keeps your home fresh without breaking the bank. 

Let’s jump into tips for finding cleaning services Brooklyn residents can use while still saving money.

Brooklyn cleaning help

Hiring cleaning services is seen as a luxury, but Brooklyn homeowners on a budget can still find affordable options to keep their homes tidy. With some time and effort researching prices, looking for deals, and being strategic, you can get professional cleaning help without spending excessively. There are numerous ways to cut costs while still keeping your home fresh.

Finding best prices  

Take time to research local cleaning companies online and in your neighborhood. Browse services on sites like Yelp, Craigslist, NextDoor, and Google to find highly reviewed companies offering competitive rates for Brooklyn residents. Compare the standard prices of a few top companies to get a sense of average costs and price ranges. Some newer or smaller operations may offer lower rates as they try to build a client base. Larger established businesses can afford to charge more. Find a middle ground with reasonable prices and proven quality.

Comparing company rates

Be diligent about getting written estimates from at least 3 cleaning services before committing. Carefully go through each quote and note exactly which services are included at each pricing tier. Look for any hidden fees for add-ons that could drive up costs. Question significantly higher rates and find out what justifies the price gap, like more extensive cleaning or eco-friendly products. Choose a transparent company whose quotes clearly explain what you get at each level. 

Asking for discounts

Ask every cleaning company you get a quote from if they offer any discounts you may qualify for. Many will provide a 5-15% discount for seniors, teachers, students, nurses, military, or multi-service bundles. You may get a lower rate by paying in cash or prepaying for cleanings upfront. Check if your employer offers discounted home services. Don’t be shy to inquire about deals to lower your costs.

Scheduling less often

For homeowners on a tight budget, scaling back professional cleaning to 1-2 times per month may be necessary. Perform simple tidying and surface cleaning in between those deeper cleans. Prioritize thorough cleaning of high-traffic spots like kitchens, bathrooms, and living areas about twice a month. Let other spaces like bedrooms go a bit longer between deep cleans to save costs.

Prioritizing key rooms 

Be upfront with your cleaning service that you need to prioritize certain spaces in each visit. For example, having them thoroughly clean just bathrooms, kitchen, living room, and entryway could significantly lower costs compared to doing the whole house. Handle lower-priority areas like bedrooms on your own in between professional visits.

DIY touch-ups

Schedule time between pro cleanings to do light tidying and surface cleaning yourself as needed. Wipe kitchen counters, spot mop floors, vacuum rugs, clean mirrors, take out trash, make beds, declutter tables and counters, and touch up bathrooms yourself. This light maintenance keeps things fresh between deep cleans. Watch for sales on cleaning supplies you can use.

Saving money tips 

Provide reasonable free parking or schedule visits when you can move your car to avoid added parking fees. Give them spare keys so they can work efficiently. Declutter surfaces and pick up toys/clutter before they arrive. Provide your eco-friendly cleaning supplies to avoid upcharges. Move any fragile valuables for safety. Keep pets secured out of the way during visits. 


With some effort in researching options, securing discounts, and stretching professional services through DIY maintenance, Brooklyn homeowners can find quality, affordable cleaning help even on a tight budget. A little planning goes a long way to keep your home tidy without overspending.

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