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Is It Possible To Add Adjustable Base In My Mattress

Several mattress manufacturers provide mattresses with an adjustable bed. If you want increased support or to recover from injuries, then a bed with an adjustable base is considered to be beneficial. It comes in different types and features such as zero gravity, next tilt, head, foot up, etc. 

In this article, we will tell you more about the adjustable base and ways to add them to your existing mattress. 

What Is The Need To Buy An Adjustable Base?

Many of the best mattresses available in the market are designed using adjustable bases.  As the name suggests, they allow the user to adjust their mattress to get into a comfortable position. They offer recline, massaging, and elevating functions to enhance not just sleep, but also overall physical health. 

Here are some of the common advantages of using an adjustable base:

  • Better blood flow
  • Convenient breathing
  • Lesser snoring
  • Reduced swelling and pressure on the joints 
  • Low acid reflux

Types Of An Adjustable Base

Adjustable base comes in various types such as “Zero Gravity” or weightlessness condition. This type of adjustable base is designed to reduce the pressure from the spine and leg region. 

Here, the upper, as well as lower halves of the bed, are elevated. Due to this the sleeper level rests above the heart level in a reclining state. This leads to enhanced circulation and even weight distribution, helping the body to relax naturally.

The ‘Head and Foot Up’ design also allows an elevation of the lower and upper body. You can get more options to customize the comfort and target the key health advantages of an adjustable base. It is ideal for people who suffer from swollen or tired legs and feet due to poor blood circulation. 

Another variation of the adjustable bed is the “Neck Tilt” wherein it provides extra power-operated neck support to the user. They can tilt the head of the bed in the forward direction to enable sit back and enjoy watching television without experiencing any strain.  

There’s also wall-hugging adjustable beds, which keeps the bed from moving forward as its raised and ensures the nightstand stays within reach.

Will My Mattress Support An Adjustable Base Design?

An adjustable mattress can work with almost all types of mattresses. It is tailored to help users get the ergonomic comfort for a blissful sleep. It is convenient to add the adjustable base to the existing bed and mattress even if the mattress is five years old. 

The best examples of mattresses that can fit an adjustable base are latex foam, memory foam, conventional innerspring, and air beds. Out of them, foam mattresses are ideal for an adjustable base as they provide greater flexibility to the user. 

Memory Foam

  • This is the best mattress for relieving pain, and pressure from the body
  • They absorb the impact of movement at the time of sleep
  • As the body weight is spread uniformly across the full surface of these mattresses, they can contour to the body shape. 
  • Due to their less rigid structure, these mattresses bend easily and flexibly on adjustable bases.

Latex Mattresses

  • These mattresses are made from synthetic and natural latex foam
  • They offer more “buoyancy” as compared to a memory foam mattress
  • The thinner latex mattress offers more flexibility for a base whereas the thicker latex foam mattress affects the movement of the base.

Innerspring Mattresses

  • A majority of sleepers sleep on a conventional innerspring mattress that uses metal coils. However, this mattress has advanced in the last few years. Many of these mattresses comprise coils in varying materials. 
  • Standard spring mattresses do not flex conveniently and may lead to pressure points. Due to this reason, they are inappropriate for adjustable bases. 
  • On the other hand, newer innerspring mattresses are composed of flexible coils that make them most suited to an adjustable base. 
  • The downside of this mattress is that one has to replace it frequently. That makes them a little more expensive than a memory foam mattress.

Air Bed Mattresses

  • Air bed mattresses are designed with adjustable pressure systems. 
  • They can be easily used on an adjustable base. 
  • The bending of the adjustable base limits the air circulation in specific air bed mattresses. 
  • If you prefer an air bed in a firm setting, then the adjustable base is not the right option for sleep.


An adjustable bed base carries the potential to transform your ordinary mattress into one that offers customized support and positioning.  The best part is that these bases can be used on new and old mattresses of any type such as memory foam, air beds, innerspring, etc. The above information will help you when buying the right adjustable beds to get maximum benefits.

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