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Being an escort worker can be lucrative, but it can also be dangerous. Here's 12 ways for an escort worker to protect themselves from abusive clients!

What Can Escorts Do When Clients Are Abusive?

There are many things that escorts can do to protect themselves when clients are abusive to them, so to find out more information about what strategies escorts can put in place, please feel free to read on.

escort client abusive

Stay Safe Always

Always stay safe when working as an escort, it’s essentially the most important gift you can give yourself.

New escorts are quite often subjected to abuse from clients due to their lack of knowledge and experience, however, if you want to stay safe, you must not ever tolerate any abuse from clients.

escort client abusive

Be Clear with Advertising

Be clear within your escort advertising, only list escort services that you are happy to provide. Make sure that you include ground rules in your advertising letting clients know that you won’t accept any abuse whatsoever and they will be blocked, asked to leave or their service will be terminated immediately.

Most Professional Escorts working in Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane, usually have clear advertising guidelines to help protect them against abuse.

escort client abusive

Also Mention

You can also mention that you don’t accept certain ethnicities if you have had trouble with them in the past and that they will be turned away at the door if they lie about their ethnicity at the time of booking. You are being racist; but you are also trying to stay safe and provide a professional escort service to those clients who respectfully behave themselves.

escort client abusive

No Drugs or Alcohol Allowed

Many escorts are not party escorts, therefore it’s always best to mention in your escort advertising that there are no exceptions regarding intoxication of alcohol or drugs before or during your escort services. 

Clients who are intoxicated with either alcohol or drugs can be abusive, therefore it’s always best that if you suspect somebody is intoxicated during the booking process, not to book them and make an excuse. By shutting intoxicated clients down during the booking process, you would have dodged a potentially abusive client.

escort client abusive

Clients who are Abusive Immediately

In the case that a client is abusive the very second, they make contact with you, there is no other choice than to “BLOCK” them immediately! Don’t even try to be nice to them, calm them down or ask them questions.

Just BLOCK them and never, ever unblock them on your phone or email. Once a client has been abusive to you, they instantly lose all of their privileges and should never be allowed anywhere near you.

If you decide to give them another chance, then you are most probably putting yourself in danger and it could end very badly, so do yourself a favour and leave them BLOCKED indefinitely!

escort client abusive

When Clients Arrive

When clients arrive at the hotel or place of work and they are abusive for any particular reason, you should never allow them to come to your door. 

This is an absolute recipe for a disaster, clients who are verbally or physically abusive upon arrival are going to take their temper out on you, so at this point, you need to make up an excuse and let them know something has come up and you can’t see them as you have had to leave.

Don’t let them know that you are still in the room, tell them that you have already left and you didn’t have time to message them. Apologies to them and tell them you will see them next time, in the meantime BLOCK their number and never answer their messages again.

escort client abusive

Abusive at Your Door

In the case that an abusive client makes it to your door, you should never open the door, not for any reason! Remain completely silent at all costs, even if they think you are still inside.

In the case that a client won’t leave, make sure you call the hotel security and let ask them to come immediately to your room as someone is knocking at your door who won’t leave and you feel as though you are in danger.

escort client abusive

Not at a Hotel

When you are not staying in a hotel and don’t have security to come and check on you, then you can do several things to protect yourself. If the client just won’t leave, then you should call the authorities immediately and let them know your life is in danger.

escort client abusive

Call a Support Person

You can also call a male support person who knows where you are and ask them to come and help you immediately. You can also let the client know that you have notified the authorities and they are on their way, hopefully, that will scare them away.

escort client abusive

Tell the Abusive Client

Tell the abusive client that there are security cameras outside your place of work and that they can be identified. Under no circumstances should you open the door and you should find the safest place possible and lock yourself inside that room until authorities arrive.

escort client abusive

Manage Past Abusive Clients

If you have ever been in a situation where prior clients have behaved inappropriately and you have had to ask them to leave, and they try to book your escort services again through an alias, then you can simply stop them at the door and ask them to leave.

escort client abusive

If They Won’t Leave

When clients won’t leave when they have been asked to, make sure that you never enter the room with them. Once you enter the room with them, you may be a risk, so make sure that you leave the room immediately and seek help from other hotel guests, security or the front reception desk.

escort client abusive

Bonus Tip: 

Be vary of the clients asking for Porn Star Experience as it may open you to abuse.

escort client abusive

In summary

You should never put up with abuse, no amount of money is ever worth it! Always use your common sense and trust your gut instincts, don’t worry if you offend anyone, they will get over it!

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