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A Guide To Different Types Of Chairs

If you are looking for the right type of chair based on your needs, here is a complete guide to the different types of chairs. A chair is a piece of furniture that is used for sitting comfortably to relax or study. They are also used for specific purposes. It is used in various places, like homes, restaurants, offices, and other public spaces. Buy chairs online from the wide range of collections at Wakefit. You must know the types of chairs available on the market and their actual purpose. Here is a quick guide that talks about the various types of chairs mostly used in various places. 

Ergonomic Chair

An ergonomic chair is the right pick If you are suffering from low back pain, It offers complete support for your body. If you wish to maintain the right posture during work, then investing in an ergonomic chair is the best decision. This type of chair comes with a backrest and armrest. It offers both lumbar and spinal support. It helps you relieve body and back pain. 

Lounge Chair

This type of chair is usually used in gardens, patios, bedrooms, and living rooms. It is designed specifically to offer better comfort and relaxation. It comes with several additional features, like an adjustable backrest and footrest. The cushioned armrest increases comfort. There are lounge chairs that can swivel or recline. This type of chair comes in different materials. Wooden lounge chairs are more durable than other materials. 

Office Chair

An office chair is mainly designed to be used in an office setting. It is used on a desk to help you sit comfortably during work. It comes with wheels that offer the freedom to move the chair around. It is a perfect ergonomic chair where you can adjust the height based on your needs. If you work for long hours, then an office chair is a much-needed furniture. It helps you maintain the right posture during work. Buy office chairs online and improve your productivity at work. 

Garden Chair 

A garden chair is one of the outdoor furniture pieces that is light-weight. It is designed for use in outdoor spaces, including gardens, patios, etc. This outdoor chair is made of a weather-resistant material like aluminium or metal. Make sure you choose an outdoor chair that is rust-resistant.  It is excellent furniture to host parties outdoors or to sit and enjoy the beauty of your garden.  Choose a garden chair that improves the aesthetics of your outdoor space. Go for garden chairs made of wood or synthetic rattan so that they last for years.  Chairs made up of synthetic fibre are a perfect choice for outdoor furniture as they endure extreme climates. 

Multipurpose Chair

This type of chair is flexible and versatile. It serves various purposes and applications. This type of chair can be used in every space where there is a need for seating. Buy a multipurpose chair online if you are looking for some additional seating. This type of chair can be moved from one place to another. This makes it convenient to use. It is the perfect pick for families who are looking for chairs at a reasonable price.                                                                                                                                                          

Rocking chair

If you are looking for comfortable and stylish furniture to sit on and relax on, then a rocking chair is the right option. It is usually made up of wood with curved bands, called rockets. This chair moves front and back in a rocking motion that offers a soothing feel. This makes it an excellent choice for a chair when you wish to relax after a tiring day. You can also fall asleep in this chair. Modern rocking chairs come in a variety of materials, namely wood, plastic, and metal. A cushioned rocking chair offers better comfort, making it the best resting chair. 

Folding Chair

A folding chair is a space-saving furniture that is a perfect fit for compact spaces. It comes with a hinge, which enables you to fold or unfold the chair. It is lightweight and easily moved to other places. It does not take up so much space for storage. This type of chair meets the seating requirements when you host parties and other gatherings both indoors and outdoors. You can carry this chair for camping or a picnic. 

Desk Chair

This type of chair is usually paired with a desk or a workstation. It is a type of office chair of immense use. It is an adjustable chair that comes with all the ergonomic features. If you work for long hours, choose the right type of desk chair to maintain the right sitting posture. You can very well avoid health issues with the use of a desk chair for work. 

Arm Chair

This type of chair comes with a comfortable armrest and backrest for better comfort. You can watch TV and relax in your living room by sitting on this chair. There are plenty of designs and styles of armchairs available online. Choose one based on your needs and personal choice. This type of chair is made up of different types of material, including plastic, wood, and metal. If you are looking for relaxing chairs for the living room and bedroom, an armchair is the right option. 

Dining Chair

This is the right chair to be used in your dining space, along with a dining table.  This chair is uniquely designed to improve your dining experience. Use a dining chair to eat your meals with comfort. Choose from the wide variety of styles and types of dining chairs available on the market. Make sure your dining chair fits right into the layout and design of your dining room. 

The above gives a clear insight into the different types of chairs that you can use in your home, office, or public spaces. Pick the one that suits your home or office space. Chairs are a must have for any space, but make sure to buy the right one that fits the space to enhance the look of your home or office. They serve a specific purpose and offer better comfort. Choose any one of the above chairs based on your requirements.


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