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9 Reasons You’ll Love Living in a Small Town

Small town living has gotten a bad rap, so if you consider relocating to a small town, you may be wary about making the commitment.

However, despite what you may have heard about local gossip and long drives, small towns have much to offer, like great relationships and beautiful views. 

Keep reading to find out why you will love living in a small town.

1) Cost of Living is Cheaper

Since small towns often lack tourism and desire for gentrification, the cost of living does not change much. Also, businesses, service providers, and landlords seldom raise prices since there is no need, and they look out for one another. 

2) Better Commuting

Commuting to or from school, the store, a friend’s house, or your job is much easier in small towns. With fewer residents, there are fewer cars on the road.

Also, many roads in these areas have higher speed limits, fewer traffic lights and stop signs, and fewer people walking or riding their bikes.

3) Everyone Knows Each Other

Since small towns have a lower population and few places to go, children often grow up together, and adults quickly become acquainted.

Residents have few options, so they go to the same schools, parks, restaurants, stores, salons, etc. Therefore, everyone continually runs into each other and starts to become friends. Over time, your small town will feel like a large family filled with great relationships.

4) Lower Crime Rates

Because life is cheaper and everyone knows each other, there tends to be a much lower crime rate in small towns.

Crimes like theft usually occur in low-income areas where paying bills is difficult. Additionally, it is much less likely for a crime to happen in a place where the criminal would know their victim, and any witnesses would also know precisely who they were.

5) Better Medical Care

For the most part, medical insurance and doctor knowledge are the same in a small town. However, there are usually only a few doctors available, which is actually a good thing. Care providers know the ins and outs of their patients, making personalized care the standard.

In these tiny rural or urban areas, there will be your typical providers like a primary, dentist, and optometrist, but you may struggle to find a marijuana doctor or dispensary. However, you can go to Marijuana Doctors to apply online and find a dispensary that ships your products. So, no matter what medical treatment you seek, you will be able to find it, if not better, in a small town.

6) It’s Easier To Get Your Foot In The Door

Another great benefit of living in a close community within a small town is that getting your career started is much easier.

They say, “It’s not what you know; it’s who you know,” and although the statement is not always true, knowing the right people does help quite a bit. No matter what business you plan to start or the job you want to find, you or a loved one will have the connections needed to do so.

Additionally, you will have less competition in a small town, so doing what you love is more achievable, and the locals will gladly support your contribution.

7) Less Pollution

One of the best parts of small town living is the lack of pollution. These areas are not heavily industrialized like big cities. So, the air is fresh, and the water is clear. You can also expect less litter since residents deeply respect the town and its land. 

Additionally, light and noise pollution are seemingly non-existent in these areas, so you have more peaceful days and can stargaze at night.

8) More Scenery

Your small town could be rural or urban, but either way, you will always have a great view.

Rural areas often have various fields, rivers, mountains, and farms scattered throughout, making for beautiful scenery and the chance to see wildlife in its natural habitat.

Small Urban areas usually consist of many historical buildings and structures because they are well-loved, and there is generally not much funding for replacements. So, if you appreciate the fine craftsmanship of antique architecture, you will love living in a small town.

9) You Are Happier

Although the reason is unknown, studies show that small-town residents are happier than individuals in large cities. 

It is suspected that the close community, relaxing scenery, low crime rate, lack of pollution, better medical care, and financial stability all play a role in why residents are happier.

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