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New parents go through a lot of ups and downs after having a child, so here are 8 gift ideas for making their lives a little easier!

8 gift ideas for new parents

The arrival of a new baby is one of the most joyous occasions in a family’s life. It can also be quite challenging, as parents learn how to care for this tiny human being. If you are looking for gift ideas for new parents, keep reading this article! Here you will find some good gift ideas that newborn parents will appreciate.

gift ideas for new parents

Books – for parents and the baby

Books are a great gift for people who love to read. If you think the new parents are not book-readers, consider a magazine subscription.

Great books to gift are about babies, newborns, and childcare. Just make sure they already don’t have that book and that the new parents won’t feel offended that you are “teaching” them how to raise a child. But if that is not the case, learning more about children is always a good idea.

You can also consider any other book genre the new parents would like. It can be romance novels, detectives, or biographies – books that the parents would like to read to wind down or have a little bit of a chill moment. This kind of book as a gift would go perfectly together with a babysitting offer.

If the new parents are not into reading books, a magazine might be a good alternative. Magazines are also great because it is easy to throw them in a bag to take with you and it is convenient to just flip through them while the baby is sleeping in the stroller.

You can also make it a book combo – a grownup book for parents, and a children’s book for the baby. The Children’s book can be a storybook, picture book, or a bath book – anything that you find cute and interesting.

gift ideas for new parents

Matching pajamas for the whole family

This is the perfect gift for a family that likes to dress up. Matching pajamas will look cute not only on Sunday mornings but also in photoshoots. Find out what the parents like and gift pajamas on that theme. It can be foxes if their last name is Fox, or cameras if both or one of the parents is a photographer. It can also be an unrelated cute theme, for example, autumn leaves, stars, or fruit. It will be a great opportunity for the family to feel more connected and enjoy a good time together!

Meal or Grocery delivery service

Being a new parent is tough. Especially if that is a first child – everything is new and there are a lot of things to stress about. Meal or grocery delivery for a month, two, or even just a week would really take the pressure off the new parents. If you are going to a baby shower with other friends, this is a perfect gift when to ask everyone to pitch in – that way you can cover a lot more weeks of deliveries for the new parents. You can be sure, they will be grateful!


It is an easy, simple, and useful gift. A new baby goes through a lot of diapers and new parents will be very thankful for support in the diaper area. You can gift the actual diapers or maybe go for a gift card, so the parents can choose what diapers they like the best. In any case, definitely make sure what kind of diapers parents are planning on using. Maybe they are going the eco-route and won’t be purchasing commercial diapers. It just changes to what shop you need to get a gift card.

gift ideas for new parents

Door silencers

Putting a baby to sleep and then waking him up with an unintentional door slap is not what a new parent wants. But for that, there is a solution – a door silencer. You put it on the door, so it hangs on the handle, and the silencer goes between the door and the door frame. That way, the door will never shut down with a bang. In the worst case, it will be a muffed bang that won’t even wake up a granny from a catnap.

Meaningful decor

Not all gifts to the newborn parents have to be practical. You can also go for sentimental objects that will inspire and make them feel the love from you and for each other. Some ideas in this area are listed below.

Personalized canvas or poster. You can get an amazing custom-made canvas or a poster. It can be anything starting from a picture of the new family and ending with an inspirational quote that will resonate with the gift receiver. It can also be a picture of their dog or an illustration of any kind. If the family has some older kids, a great gift would be a kid’s drawing of the new family made into a canvas. You can get canvas and posters in different sizes as well framed or not framed.

If you are looking for a place where to create a custom canvas, check out! They offer a variety of sizes, great quality, and amazing customer service. also has other options that you can customize, for example, t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, tote bags, etc.

Frames. Another great personalized option is a frame. And we do not mean an empty, rectangular frame, but, for example, a frame with spaces for pictures of all 12 first months of the newborn. Or it can be a frame with a place for a foot or hand print. These cute and nice sentimental gifts mean the world to new parents!

gift ideas for new parents

Professional newborn photoshoot

Newborns are the cutest, and all parents love their babies very, very much. It is an amazing gift for parents to capture the first moments of their baby’s life in very adorable pictures that melts hearts. The newborn photo session might include some props, for example, the child sleeping in a huge flower, the child sleeping in a basket, or just wearing a flower crown or another accessory.

Newborns are really good sleepers, so these photoshoots are not stressful for the babies – they just enjoy their naps, while a professional photographer does all the job. If the new parents are not into the cute props style, they can always get a photo shoot with the baby in regular clothes in a nice setting. Either way, a photo shoot is a very sweet and thoughtful gift for the new parents, that they will appreciate for the rest of their life.


When gifting a gift, always think about the person you are getting it to and it definitely applies to getting a gift for newborn parents as well. Make sure you know their lifestyle, likes and dislikes, and preferences. If not, better stick to gift cards and other gifts they can easily customize themselves. But that said, new parents will be very thankful and happy for any gifts and support, and love during the start of a new period in their life.

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