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5 Things To Know Before Falling Into The Costume Jewellery Trap

We’ve all done it before. 

From tempting Instagram selfies to our favourite influencers introducing hottest costume jewellery trends, we always get in line to buy fashion jewellery.

But there’s so much wrong with it and we know it. Imitation jewellery with faux gemstones can give up on its shine within a few wears. If it gets tangled, you’re left with nothing but the option to throw it away. So you do.

Then you feel you don’t have enough costume jewellery, and are compelled to buy more. Another piece bought, disposed off, and money spent — does it sound like a good bargain?

This blog is all about ethical use of costume jewellery and how to find the right pieces for your hard-earned money.

Why Do We Buy Costume Jewellery

Your occasional shopping spree of costume jewellery can actually be a bad thing. Here’s why.

Costume jewellery for Wedding

Readily available economic options for the big day. Since most of the items aren’t reused after wedding, people are drawn to costume jewellery than other options.

Cheap, Fast Fashion

Because hopping on trends comes before caring for the environment. A jewellery that has grave environmental and ethical consequences. 

Inexpensive Gifts

Can save the day. But you can take out the ‘thoughtful’ before the gift. Vintage dress jewellery in NZ like this is hackneyed and seems randomly picked up from a pop-up shop. Plus, it’s no good after 2-3 wears.

Is Buying Costume Jewellery a Good Idea?

Costume jewellery, often tempting due to its affordability and trendy designs, may not always be the best investment for a number of reasons:

1. Not So Great Quality

Costume jewellery is often not made with the best materials, so it can break or look old quickly. Consider buying jewelry made with better materials like real silver or stainless steel. 

In this case, 18ct gold plated costume jewellery is a better alternative as it retains shine for longer time and costs a fraction of gold jewellery.

2. Skin Problems

Some people’s skin can get irritated by costume jewellery because of the metals used. Look for jewelry made with metals that won’t bother your skin. 

Look for Women’s Costume Jewellery in NZ that is hypoallergenic — preferably Vermeil Sterling Silver or 18ct Gold Plated so it doesn’t irritate your skin.

3. Doesn’t Last Long

Costume jewelry might not hold up well if you wear it a lot. Real jewelry can last a very long time if you take care of it. This is opposite in the case of Gold and silver bonded earrings

They are made on a Silver base with an inseparable bond to 9ct gold, giving the shine of 9ct gold and properties of Sterling Silver.

4. Bad for the Environment

While it may not be a well-known fact, costume jewellery is mass-produced and puts many resources at risk. Since it’s thrown away after some wears, it adds to un-recycled trash and is often made by underpaid labour — thus, it’s exploitative.

 You wouldn’t want to wear jewellery of questionable conscience. Instead, wear your jewellery guilt-free with gold-plating or Silver vermeil options.

5. Can’t Sell It Later

Costume jewellery usually doesn’t keep its value. It’s scrap, and good for nothing. Fashion jewellery with gold plating can give you recurring returns and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep.

Is Costume Jewellery Worth it?

Yes. ONLY if it’s crafted with ethical materials. 

Jewellery made with Cadmium can pose significant health risks, such as Cancer, Heart Attack and other afflictions. Zinc on the other hand can fade real quick — again, not a good investment.

So, what should you do? As mentioned, an affordable and much sensible option is to go for Vermeil jewellery or plated — one with a base of Stainless Steel or other harmless alloy that looks exactly like Gold or Sterling Silver.

It may cost a bit more than usual Costume jewellery online NZ but it’s worth the purchase. Jewellery made with glass/plastic/Cadmium will only end up in trash and will be another moment of your money going down the drain.


  1. Are Costume Jewellery and Fashion Jewellery the Same Thing?

Yes, costume jewellery and fashion jewellery are often used interchangeably to describe the same category of affordable, non-precious jewellery. The best dress jewellery in NZ is meant to enhance your style and complement your attire, and they often follow current fashion trends.

  1. Is Costume Jewellery Less Durable Than Fine Jewellery?

Costume jewellery is generally less durable than fine jewellery because it uses less expensive materials. While fine jewellery often features precious metals like gold and silver, along with real gemstones, Guess Jewellery Sale typically uses plated metals, faux gemstones, and non-precious materials. This means it may be more prone to tarnish, wear, or damage over time.

  1. Can I Wear Costume Jewellery Every Day?

You can wear costume jewellery every day, but its durability may not be suitable for continuous, long-term wear. 

  1. Does Costume Jewellery Tarnish?

Costume jewellery online NZ can tarnish due to daily use. It can also result it colour fading, or wear and tear. To extend the life of your costume jewellery, it’s advisable to rotate pieces and store them properly when not in use. Additionally, avoid exposing them to moisture, chemicals, or harsh conditions.

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