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How and what you pack in your luggage can make or break a vacation or business trip. Find out our top four tips on perfectly packing for your next travels.

4 Packing Tips Every Traveler Should Know

Packing is often considered simple and effortless but then you reach your destination and find you are missing a vital item like the right charger or an emergency kit and very quickly your trip can take a turn for the worse. Whether you need to travel frequently or every now and then for business or pleasure, here are some pro packing tips to maximize space and convenience and arrive fully prepared.

1. The Power Of A List

Lists are incredibly useful for traveling just as they are for everyday life and they help you keep track of what you have already packed as well as essentials you may forget in a hurry like a special ointment or medication. Lists also help you with tasks like pre-downloading movies and show to watch on the plane or informing your employer and so forth. Not to mention, you can easily make special lists for business trips and separate ones for vacation so that your lists are even more fool-proof and there is less chance of error.

2. Rolling And Packing Pods

The age-old trick of rolling your clothes (particularly fabrics that are easily wrinkled like silk or chiffon) still holds true and is an excellent way to conserve space as well as protect your clothes from needing good ironing when you land. Remember to always do your laundry and ironing or steaming before you pack as these services usually cost quite a lot in hotels. Other than rolling consider investing in some plastic or fabric packing pods that can be easily and clearly labeled (so you’ll have a smaller one for underwear and socks and a larger one for pants and dresses). 

Once you land, you’ll appreciate the convenience during unpacking and it also lessens the chance of you forgetting an important item like that extra pair of dress pants. Try to pack like-minded items together such as jeans on top of jeans so that there is less wrinkling overall as heavier and lighter items can cancel each other out.

3. Convertible And Versatile Clothing

Clothing takes up a lot of space and if you are traveling for more than 2 weeks, the items can add up considerably. A rule of packing is that you should pack versatile items within roughly the same color family so you can mix and match with greater ease. Items like jeans or black pants can be paired with just about any color so consider the neutrals in your closet and create outfits out of them. This allows you to pack less of everything and still be able to create new outfits once you reach your destination. Wear your heaviest shoes like sneakers to the airport so you don’t have to pack them.

4. Snacks Are Essential 

Airplane food is not known for being great and snacks can cost a fortune in different countries. If you are trying to save money or spend on experiences instead of overpriced snacks, consider packing travel-friendly snacks such as trail mixes and granola bars. Always check beforehand if you can take edibles on a plane and whether your airline allows it. Some airlines have special rules but for the most part, you can pack snacks which will come in handy especially if you find you have certain health concerns such as your blood sugar plummeting or migraines.

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