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3 smiles A Day. Good Humor Party

Three smiles a day – this is the contribution of the most cheerful organization in the world. The Good Humor Party was founded in 2001

Meet the cheerful organization

It has never happened that anyone protested hearing how much the membership fee of the organization known as the Good Humor Party is. Its ID card was received by 6,000 people from many countries around the world. She has many fans, but still many people have not heard of her.

Although it is an international organization, it started modestly. Its elite initially consisted of satirists and caricaturists from Poland, and its founder was one of them – Szczepan Sadurski. At that time, he was also the publisher of the satirical magazine Your Good Humor (which became the organization’s press organ). In 1991, Sadurski also published a small monthly magazine with jokes – Dobry Humor (Good Humor). So the creative satirist founded a party that had Good Humor in its name.

Although documents and signatures were collected in the amount allowing for the official registration of the organization in Poland, it never happened. The head of the Good Humor Party (PDH) did not want her to become part of serious politics. It was supposed to be a cheerful organization that was supposed to cheer the world up. Meetings, and exhibitions were organized, everyone had a great time and that was the most important thing. Smile, optimism, joy.

Smile versus sadness

Although it has always been emphasized that PDH is not a competition for anyone and has nothing to do with politics, every now and then there are sad people who want to harm it. A few years ago, all traces of the existence of the Good Humor Party were erased from Wikipedia, in Polish. Currently, you can read about the organization established in Poland on Wikipedia, in English.

In 2012, Happy Skyscraper made its debut, which quickly became a symbol of the Good Humor Party. What is that? It is a model that anyone can download from the Internet, glue together, and then photograph in an interesting place. So far, it has been photographed in about 700 cities, in over 60 countries, on every continent except Antarctica. The first “skyscraper” was photographed in New York City, in Manhattan. Why there? Higher and higher skyscrapers are still being built here. That is why the cheerful party decided that the world’s smallest skyscraper will also be erected here.

The activities of the Good Humor Party show that joy, smile and optimism are things worth living with.

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