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2XL Swagger’s Love Kit Features Romance Enhancement Liqueurs

Foreplay is essential in every romantic relationship. It brings a sense of togetherness and ensures that both partners reach the peak of arousal. However, people who indulge in alcohol are known to perform poorly in bed and pay little attention to foreplay. Recently, this has changed through 2XL Swagger liqueur, which includes romance enhancers to maintain performance even after consumption.

Robert J. Tushinsky, the founder of 2XL Swagger brands, believes alcohol consumption should not lower or compromise your ability to perform in the bedroom. Through his enticing spirits brands, Pinkitty and EasyRhino, Robert aims to improve his customers’ intimate moments to become unforgettable and enjoyable and to create a connection even after a few drinks. 

The breakthrough behind 2XL Swagger brands is linked to its proprietary recipes. The recipe was passed down by Robert’s father, who named it Fruitka. Unlike other brands, 2XL Swagger combined unique blends of ancient herbs such as avena sativa, maca, and damiana, and fruit like peach and pomegranate (PinkKitty), and ashwagandha, muira puama, epimedium, cinnamon, orange, and vanilla that are infused into select handcrafted vodka to create deliciously fruity love potions.

The company behind America’s sexiest and most enticing spirits brand, 2XL Swagger, has consistently shown efforts to improve customer satisfaction and has included romance enhancement kits in its brand. Each romance kit includes Pinkitty and EasyRhino minis. The enhancements make the experience of drinking EasyRhino and PinkKitty Liquors even more enjoyable as they support the unique selling point that makes these drinks popular among consumers: the way they make you and your companion feel before getting intimate. The romance enhancement kits include sexy foreplay dice, and the possibilities of seduction are endless.

To stand out from other industry competitors, the company has created the finest potions that deliver indescribable warmth and improve private moments. “Our brands are all about sensuality and adding value to the consumer’s experience, so we wanted to put something together that would aid in addressing all the senses and promote more intimate time through increased foreplay,” Robert Tushinsky says.

2XL Swagger has shifted the paradigm of alcohol and romance, and as with any successful company, shifting a paradigm and blending it with the already existing brand results in immeasurable success. The company saw a significant surge in direct consumer demand since the release of its romance enhancement kits, with units quickly running out of stock and loyal customers wondering when more will be released. “Best drink ever, the way the PinkKitty made me feel was magical; I can’t explain the night I went through with this drink 10/10. You don’t need a lot,” a customer said.

However, it was challenging for Robert to establish 2XL Swagger. While the most significant hurdle he faced was running short of capital, he did not let this obstacle derail his goals. With sheer passion, hard work, and determination, he scaled 2XL Swagger high, giving people the playful anticipation that heightens their pleasure.

Robert is not about to slack in creating the sexiest spirit brands on the market. Although the romance enhancement kits are available in select Texas and Southern California stores, he hopes to expand his horizons and bring the liquor to the nearest retailer near you. Robert sells romance and makes your nights of pleasure, seduction, and foreplay memorable.

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