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Use these 11 riveting facts about attraction in your romantic pursuits and find that special someone. . . or just someone for the night.

11 Interesting Facts about Attraction

Finding out you are attracted to someone might seem normal and nothing you have control over. While this is true in several ways, there are fasts one needs to consider for future relationships. These facts might help you better understand your attraction to certain people. Even better is the fact that you might know how to better place yourself in the future to ensure the other party is attracted to you too.

Attraction, Crushes, and Infatuation

There are plenty of ways to describe why or how one feels toward someone at the beginning. In any case, an attraction begins with basics like looks, grooming standards, and of course one’s disposition. When meeting and making new friends like hot Slavic brides, attraction is everything. So what are the surefire signs that you are progressing toward a possible date or much more?

facts about attraction

1. Confidence

This is undoubtedly the first sign of attraction for women regarding men. Men who exude self-confidence are more attractive than those with six packs.

2. Mirroring

When you find yourselves smiling together or at similar things, perhaps replying to things synchronously or just having similar beliefs, it is a sign of attraction. The opposite is silence as they wait for you to finish talking.

3. Instincts

Surprisingly, instincts and smells go hand-in-hand. Whether you are female or male, one’s scent will either attract or repel you quickly. The nose will always lead you in the right direction.

4. Looks and Symmetry

We all know men like females with high cheekbones but it might be more to it than that. Symmetry, whereby one side of the face equals the dimensions of the other side, is important. It thus means simply being pretty doesn’t always cut it.

5. Health

When eyeing someone you find attractive, their confidence might not be the only determining factor. Most women seek out men who seem healthy. This might be in consideration of the future perhaps for child-bearing.

6. Eye Contact

A few women spend more than a second eyeing a guy unless they feel attracted to them. Of course, the opposite is true for men as they ogle who they fancy.  It is the quickest way to show attraction without uttering a word.

facts about attraction

7. Blushing and Redness

When your date blushes every time you send out flirty signals, she is feeling attracted to you. It might not imply she wants to bed you but there is enough attraction for several dates to come.

8. Animal Lovers

Long as you love puppies there is a ninety-nine percent chance of attracting more than one woman toward you. Men love women that love animals too. It shows compassion for all living things.

9. Charisma

Certain people attract hot Slavic brides without flinching. This charisma is attractive from afar. It can also bring out the shyness in others simply because you are approachable.

10. Red or Maroon

Certain colors attract people toward you regardless of your complexion. While wearing red lipstick highlights facial features, a red t-shirt or dress for women always draws attention. It might be the only thing standing between you and dancing with your crush at the weekend ball.

11. Realness

Before conversations take on longer hours and more context, realness is important. Someone who speaks from the heart and not the pocket or the loins is extremely attractive. A woman should meet a struggling chap who is still inspired to strive than an arrogant prick hoping to get laid, using fake words.

Bottom Line

The attraction might be in your hands after all, with simple tools like decent grooming standards and hygiene. Knowing what repels the opposite sex is important even as you work on the positives. Keep these in mind while eyeing hot Slavic brides next time. The details are in the dress code, scents, and confidence.

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