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10 Ways to Liven Up Your Weekend at Home

There are times when your weekend is spent outside, either at a friend’s house, party, or outdoors, searching for “liquor stores near me” on Google. However, there are times when you find yourself staying at home for the weekend and in need of a few ways to liven up your weekend at home—read on to find out more.

Invite a few friends over for dinner and drinks

If you’re at home and wishing you could be out at a fancy restaurant or dancing the night away at a popular club, it can be helpful to both your wallet and social life when you bring the party to your home. Invite some friends or family members over and either order a healthy dose of take-out food or try cooking for them (more on that to come). And of course, in turn for providing the food, ask them to bring drinks to liven up the gathering.

Try out a new recipe

A weekend at home is perfect for learning new things, especially practical and enjoyable skills such as cooking or baking if you’re in the mood for something sweet. This can be an enjoyable activity by yourself or with a friend or partner. Learning new skills that deeply interest you is an act of self-care and self-investment, and it’s certainly a way to add some variety to your weekend.

Shake (or stir) up your cocktail skills

Making a quality cocktail for yourself or your loved ones is something very special. There’s a certain amount of effort and dedication in creating a cocktail that you can savor and truly enjoy. So get out your cocktail shaker, liquors of your choosing, and a healthy handful of ice. There’s a cocktail for everyone, from a classic negroni to the refreshing yet simple mojito. Practice enough and you’ll be a professional in no time at all.

Have an epic movie night or binge a TV show

Catch up on your old favorites or discover a new film or television show that you can fully commit yourself to during your next weekend. Cozy up on the couch with some snacks and drinks, especially if you need some time to decompress from a busy week. Being a couch potato might be just the thing you need to relax and replenish for the week to come.

Start a creative project you’ve always wanted to start

There may be something that you’ve always wanted to finish—like a screenplay, novel, or painting. If so, this is your sign to go do it over the weekend. Remember: it’s always better to have something rather than nothing when it comes to finishing projects. Try to dedicate at least thirty minutes this weekend to something outside of your regular work. It might just spark an idea that you’ve needed to get a jumpstart on your creative endeavors.

Rejuvenate with an at-home spa treatment

Sometimes, we all just need to contribute to our own self-care by putting ourselves first. That can come in the form of an at-home spa day. You can even invite your friends over and make it a group activity, leaving everyone feeling refreshed going into the week. Whatever a spa day means for you—whether it’s a face mask, bath, or a round of massages to your group of friends—go for it.

Take up a new instrument

Taking up that instrument you’ve always wanted to learn can be intimidating at first, but research shows that learning to play an instrument stimulates the brain, improving functions like memory, abstract reasoning skills, and even our emotional and mental health. It also gives yourself a sense of achievement and a boost of confidence because you’re improving on something you enjoy doing.

Make music playlists for friends

Doing something special for friends and family can show your love and appreciation for them and what they add to your life. One way to portray that is through music. Go on Spotify and curate specific songs that remind you of a certain loved one. It will surely be something they remember and listen to for years to come.

Learn how to craft on YouTube

There are so many things you can learn to make with your own two hands through video tutorials and how-to videos on YouTube. It’s free and guaranteed to be a fun time. Take up a new crafty hobby such as knitting, punch needling, or scrapbooking. These are hands-on creative skills that you can try out from the comfort of your own home. 

Plan a virtual night with friends

If you’re stuck at home alone, there are still ways to connect with people that you care about. Plan a virtual party or movie night over Zoom to have a fun night with lots of laughs and chatter.

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