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10 Conservative Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

These days, Instagram is a great place to find conservatives. Whether it’s photography, memes or just great quotes, there’s no denying that these Instagrammers are keeping it real. Not only are these influencers making great content, they are also getting Instagram followers to engage with their posts and daily content as well.

Here are some of our favorite conservative bloggers, who use their accounts for everything from spreading the word about freedom to sharing their own personal stories:

Jason Van Steenwyk

Jason Van Steenwyk is a conservative blogger and podcaster. He has a podcast called The Jason Stapleton Program, which focuses on politics, economics, and personal finance. In addition to being an author of several books about investing, he’s also the founder of The Jason Stapleton Institute for the Study of Capitalism.

Van Steenwyk was once a pastor who left the church after being accused by his congregation of having an affair with one woman while dating another woman at the same time (both accusations were false). Today, he works as a financial adviser and lives in California with his wife and kids.

Rob Smith

Rob Smith is a conservative blogger, former radio host and political commentator with over 100k followers on Instagram. He currently runs the website where he publishes articles about current events in politics and pop culture.

Smith has been in the news recently after his comments on Donald Trump’s 2020 campaign were published by The Hill. In them, he said that Trump should focus on issues like immigration instead of focusing on other candidates.”You can’t go after [Beto] O’Rourke or [Joe] Biden or any other Democrat unless you have an angle,” said Smith in an interview with The Hill.”If I’m running against an open border Democrat like Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders? Great! That’s easy!”

Andrew Wilkow

Andrew Wilkow is a conservative radio host, former Navy SEAL and conservative commentator. He has over 1 million followers on Instagram and regularly posts photos from his travels around the world.

Wilkow is a frequent guest on Fox News, where he offers commentary on current events and politics.

Nick Fuentes

Nick Fuentes is a conservative blogger and former Breitbart contributor, as well as a former Rebel Media contributor. He’s also made appearances on InfoWars.

Nick is known for his controversial opinions, including support for transphobia and anti-Semitism. In 2018, he was denied entry into Canada due to his views; however, this hasn’t stopped him from continuing to share them online!

Michael Malice

Michael Malice is a writer and political commentator who has been a guest on many shows, including the Joe Rogan Experience. He is also the author of “Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il.”

Joe Quintero

Joe Quintero is a conservative blogger and podcaster who has over 100,000 followers on Instagram. He also has a YouTube channel with over 2.5 million subscribers.

Joe Quintero is the host of The Joe Quintero Show podcast and writes for several websites including The Daily Caller, Townhall, Western Journalism and One America News Network.

Mike Cernovich

  • Mike Cernovich

Mike Cernovich is a conservative blogger, author, and conspiracy theorist. He has a podcast called “The Alex Jones Show.” He’s also the author of “The Big Game: How Football Can Save America,” which argues that football can be used as an effective tool to shape young men into responsible citizens.

  • Andrew Carrington Hitchcock

Andrew Carrington Hitchcock is an English writer and former journalist who currently works as an independent researcher focusing on geopolitics and social issues such as feminism and gender equality.

Paul Joseph Watson

Paul Joseph Watson is a British YouTuber and former editor-at-large for Infowars. He has over 1.5 million subscribers on his channel, which focuses on conservative commentary and conspiracy theories.

He was formerly a member of the conspiracy theory website InfoWars, but left in late 2018 after he was excluded from an anti-censorship rally hosted by them due to his support for Donald Trump and other right-wing views (although Alex Jones said that he did not want him there because he had been “saying bad things about me”).

Diamond and Silk

If you’re looking for some conservative Instagrammers who have a lot of followers and keep it real, Diamond and Silk are the ones for you. These sisters from North Carolina are conservative political commentators with a popular YouTube channel with over one million subscribers. They’ve been outspoken about their support for President Trump, which has earned them invitations to the White House in May 2018 as well as an interview on Fox News earlier this year.

Rex Elsass, who runs Old Glory Corp.

Rex Elsass is a conservative blogger who runs Old Glory Corp., a blog dedicated to “the protection of traditional values and principles.” He also hosts a podcast called “The Rex Report” on YouTube, where he talks about current events with other conservative influencers and personalities.


We hope you’ve enjoyed this list of conservative Instagrammers. We know it can be hard to find people who share your values, but these 10 Instagrammers are a great place to start!

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