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Corporate video production the fundamental tool for communicating your business to the whole world

Images, sounds, words in a single medium that is quick and easy to use thanks to our corporate video productions you will also have the quality that your company deserves. The production of corporate videos is used for various reasons, ranging from inclusion in a communication process or on one’s institutional site, to presentation at trade fairs or company conventions, or for many other reasons that you can easily imagine. The completeness of the message that a company site can give can hardly be achieved by other means a video is a form of complete narration, which stimulates the viewer’s senses, excites him, involves him. The importance of the narrative rhythm, of the right choice between the script and the creativity put into making it, in the musical choice that accompanies it, are fundamental factors for an engaging vision that does not bore the viewer.

Why tap into a creative agency for corporate video production

The contribution of a creative agency like is fundamental You know your company very well and you know what you want to communicate, we know how to do it best. The initial briefing phase is a very important element as it allows us to understand if what you want to communicate is usable to the public. We know what to ask you to make everything clear and simple and how to take all this information and make it work within a corporate video, which must respect a certain rhythm and duration in order to be seen with pleasure.

Another very important aspect in the realization is the emotional factor that the video can exert on the viewer in corporate video productions this factor is not taken for granted and cannot always be obtained. But where there may be a glimmer of light for a smile, for a touch of sweetness or surprise, for a breath of lightness while maintaining the professionalism of the content, those who do our job enter the field

A detail, a scene, a moment that can touch the strings of the human soul are precious jewels to capture the viewer and entice him to establish relationships with a company that has prepared him well.

Sometimes you know what you want to say, but you don’t know how to say it and you give us the opportunity to be really creative, often with surprising results.

So let’s take an example, among our corporate video productions, that embodies this last sentence


The client is a major company that organizes international medical congresses. One of these is a conference on Lupus to be held in Venice and will have to attract doctors and employees from all over the world. The client does not want to talk about the disease, which is known to the sector public, but to entice international guests to participate.


Telling about Venice and a possible off day from the convention to be able to visit it. To entice international guests with the promise of being able to personally experience the extraordinary beauties contained in the lagoon city with a strong final call to action.


A day of filming, from dawn to dusk, the salient elements of the city. We have thought of some subjective scenes, for example directly from the gondola, to better immerse the viewer in the experience. In closing, a motion graphic animation of butterflies in flight (symbol of the convention) and a speaker that recalls a strong call to action. A 30″ cut of the same subject was also prepared to be screened at the end of other previous minor conferences.

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