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The Multifaceted Career of Actor Robert Leckington

Robert Leckington is a multi-talented SAG-AFTRA actor, musician, writer, producer, and photographer based in New York City. Born and raised in Oregon, he moved to the East Coast in 2003 to pursue his creative passions. With a background in drumming and involvement in various bands, Robert’s artistic journey began in the world of music.

His acting career has been particularly successful, with numerous low-budget and big-budget indie films to his credit, such as Moirai: The Drifter (2015), Off The Grid: Survivalism and Frugality (2018), Framed Red (2015), and Rent-a-Neighbor (2022). He also showcased his drumming skills in an episode of Gotham (2018).

Robert’s latest project is the film The Forest Hills (2023), in which he plays the character of Roger opposite legendary actress Shelley Duvall. The story revolves around a man tormented by nightmarish visions after suffering a head trauma while camping in the Catskill woods. Robert’s portrayal of Roger showcases his acting range and ability to evoke emotions.

In “The Forest Hills,” Leckington’s character, Roger, is tormented by nightmarish visions after suffering a head trauma while camping in the Catskill woods. The psychological thriller takes the audience on a journey through the protagonist’s increasingly unstable mind, as he grapples with the terrifying hallucinations that blur the lines between reality and nightmare.

Robert Leckington’s portrayal of Roger demonstrates his impressive acting range and ability to evoke intense emotions. His performance is further enhanced by the on-screen chemistry he shares with the legendary Shelley Duvall, who plays a pivotal character in the film. Together, the two actors create a powerful and unsettling dynamic that leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

“The Forest Hills” director has nothing but praise for Leckington, commenting on his dedication to the role and the depth he brought to his character. The director also lauds the collaboration between Leckington and Duvall, noting how their mutual respect and professionalism elevated the film to new heights.

As a testament to the film’s success, “The Forest Hills” has already garnered attention from critics and film enthusiasts alike. Many praise Leckington’s gripping performance and his ability to hold his own opposite an industry veteran like Shelley Duvall.

Robert Leckington’s performance in “The Forest Hills” not only showcases his talent as an actor but also solidifies his status as a rising star in the entertainment industry. With a string of successful roles under his belt, Leckington continues to captivate audiences with his versatile acting skills and undeniable on-screen presence.

Apart from acting, Robert is an accomplished musician, writer, producer, and photographer, always pushing himself to new heights. Currently, he is working on a comedic ultra-low budget indie film titled All the Girls Love Blood: Full Moon Motorpsycho Mafia, directed by talented NJ indie filmmaker Elliot Passantino.

With a strong team of professionals behind him, including his manager Diana Prano at Agency Talent Group, talent agent Lisa Fuller at Actor Choice Talent, and publicist Sherry Lee at GTK PR Agency, Robert is well-positioned for continued success. His social media presence allows fans to keep up-to-date with his latest projects.

Robert Leckington is a talented and versatile artist making a significant impact in the entertainment industry. His passion for creativity and his commitment to his craft have made him a force to be reckoned with, and we look forward to seeing where his career takes him next.

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