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Suzi Bach is the creative filmmaker behind the stunning new thriller 'Family First'. Prepare for some serious scares and learn about the film here.

Realize your dreams with the new indie film ‘Family First’

Who doesn’t love a good thriller, especially one that matches exciting with intriguing character exploration? The new short film Family First aims to deliver pulse-pounding thrills with surprising narrative depth. In just eleven minutes, Family First makes a tremendous impact, highlighting the talent of indie actors and the filmmaker behind it, Suzi Bach.

The film is the first short to be released by WOBA Productions, which is run by Bach herself along with Marc Bach and Sean McQueen. The company has ambitious plans for the future that include a feature length film and an ongoing web series. Judging by the reactions Family First is getting from its audiences and critics, this is just the beginning of a long and successful run for WOBA and its filmmakers.

For anyone interested in thrillers, short film, or indie filmmaking in general, Family First is an absolute must-watch. Before settling in with the film, come meet the woman behind the camera and learn about the work her company is doing within the film industry. We’ve got everything that you need to know right here.

Debut director

Family First is the directorial debut for Suzi Bach, who also wrote and stars in the film. Bach was born in Kabul, Afghanistan in 1979, and she has long held filmmaking aspirations. For the past ten years, Bach has been dedicated to honing her craft, primarily through writing numerous screenplays. She hopes that her work will inspire other female Afghan filmmakers to chase their dreams.

Bach has finally brought one of her visions to life with Family First. She stars in the short film as Andy, a woman who moves back into her childhood home and begins receiving visitations from a young girl whose presence begins unlocking mysterious questions locked in Andy’s mind. Andy is forced to question her past as she’s thrust into a future she never imagined.

Family First twists & turns while delivering some chilling scares. The film also stars Bach’s daughter, Zoe as the young girl who visits Andy. Dean Vescera and Lizzette Viscera play Andy’s father & mother. Powered by strong performances, Bach’s debut film punches viewers with a tale that they’ll never forget.

Early accolades

Family First opened this year, and it’s already been garnering praise from viewers and film festivals. The short was selected as a finalist at the 2021 Hollywood Horrorfest. At the Hollywood Blood Horror Festival, Family First won Best Thriller, and Bach’s daughter Zoe won Best Young Actress for her performance. The film was also made an official selection of the Robinson Film Awards International Film Festival.

The film will no doubt continue to burn a trail across the film festival circuit. It marks a promising beginning to Bach’s career as a filmmaker. Her film company WOBA Productions is just starting to heat up. The company has another short, a web series, and a feature film coming soon. Indie film fans won’t want to miss Family First, and they’d do well to keep their eyes on Suzi Bach in the coming years.

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