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Natalia Nikolaeva

Ukrainian-Russian Breakout Actress Natalia Nikolaeva Greets 2023 With Romantic Comedy And Psychological Thriller

In the first half of 2023, there will be premieres of two films with the participation of the actress. A completely different genre, where she embodies versatile characters. In “Love by Design” she played the role of the main characters sister. This role is billed as a bright and cheery character needing a memorable actress to execute it. In the movie “Dark Feathers”, her heroine falls in love with a woman, and is ready to take revenge for love.

“I’ve moved to America 2 years ago, and during this time I had several comedies, an action movie, a social drama, and a psychological thriller. Now, with my colleagues, we are working on other films, and preparing one-woman show. I am very interested in trying something new and discovering the most hidden facets of my soul.”

“Love By Design” is a euphoric film for me, where every shooting day was filled with love, happiness and a sense of magic. I felt so free in embodiment my character, Barbara Stanton, cause that in order to be convincing in this role, it was enough for me to be just … myself. There was no need to hide my accent, but on the contrary – to make it even brighter. There are some cool scenes in the film where the accent creates a series of comical situations. And I, as an actress, could only embrace it – and have fun. In “Dark Feathers”, where, by the way, one of the scenes was filmed in the same locations – I felt more grounded and mature. I like to observe the process of personality development, which invariably occurs with a new stage of an actress’ career. Our whole journey is an incessant exploration of ourselves and the life of the human spirit.

The biography of Natalia Nikolaeva is impressive. She has appeared in more than 20 films and TV series. One of the most striking was the role of the Bulgarian clairvoyant Vanga in the television series Vangelia, which broke all popularity records, and became the highest–rated project in Russia, Ukraine, Israel, Bulgaria, Serbia, etc. She also played the leading part in the Russian-Turkish TV series “The Taste of Pomegranate”, the filming of which took place on the border of Turkey and Syria, in picturesque palaces of the middle century, real architectural monuments. “One of the most wonderful opportunities that shooting gives is traveling around the world, a chance to live in different places, to be imbued with a different energy and culture.” And the actress had enough of such opportunities.

In addition to acting, Natalia’s biography is replete with other interesting events. She has visited more than 30 countries around the world. She was a finalist of the Ukrainian-Russian version of the most popular TV show “Survivor”, and had lived 40 days in a wild African jungle. She lived in Seoul, South Korea for six months, worked as a model, and collaborated with a variety of major brands. She also represented Russia at the Miss Universe beauty pageant and was the second runner-up at the Mrs World pageant. Also, from the earliest years, Natalia shows a love for writing and the search for truth. So, in her time she became the youngest Member of the Union of Journalists of Russia in history, working for well-known magazines and newspapers.

“Now my life is much more calm and grounded, and all my travels are directed inside my own soul. The work I’m doing now, the following roles, is a new level for me as an actress, as an author, and as a person. I am always inspired by the classics of cinema – such as Billy Willder, Roman Polanski, David Lynch – and I understand that, by and large, there are no rules in art, in creative work. This is a jungle where anything is possible. Everything you believe in and put enough effort into will definitely come true.”

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