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Filmmaker Theo Francocci spent his life before 'Wholeheartedly' working solely in the post-production. Here's what we know about 'Wholeheartedly'.

Theo Francocci’s ‘Wholeheartedly’ shows the dark side of relationships

Indie director Theo Francocci spent his life before Wholeheartedly working solely in the post-production area of film, specifically with sound design and editing. But Francocci is ready to move into a new role in film, taking on multiple jobs. 

His first feature as director and writer, Wholeheartedly tells the story of Carmen, a Mexican mother living in LA as she separates from her alcoholic husband. Taking on the difficult subject of abuse, specifically what it looks like from the eyes of a woman of color, Francocci relied on the voices of such women to help him tell this story properly. 

“Carmen is human. Carmen is power.” 

As Carmen struggles to give herself and her daughter a good life, it’s clear that Francocci wanted to put a message of strength even in the darkest of times. No matter what her husband does, she finds a way to persevere and move on.

Of course, that’s no surprise when Francocci has powerful women in his life to inspire him. When discussing the film’s message, Francocci remarked, “strength comes from within, and everyone has access to it. We must believe. Believe in ourselves. There is a very special person in my life who is the main source of my inspiration, and I dedicate this film to her.”

Wearing all the hats for the first time

While this is far from Francocci’s first film, it is his first time going behind the camera on set. Spending most of his career in sound design and editing, Francocci entered UCLA Extension’s Film and TV Development certificate program to get more all around experience. 

Moving from his home in Italy to the US, Francocci restarted his career in film and TV development. His first project since switching paths? Wholeheartedly. Taking on the roles of editor, producer, writer, and director, Francocci was involved with the film every step of the way. 

Taking a leap with success

After showing Wholeheartedly at the Independent Short Awards in LA, Francocci was lucky enough to walk away with honorable mentions for Best Drama Short, Best First Time Male Director, and Best Actress. 

It’s clear that Francocci may just be getting started, but he has the skills to succeed no matter what project comes his way. While we don’t know anything about future projects from Francocci yet, we’re excited to see the sophomore effort from this wonderful director.

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