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Vana Blu teamed up with filmmaker Halo Jones for the music video “T-Erase-Her”, in which UK political figures feature in a fever dream of symbolism.

Vana Blu and Halo Jones team up on political music video “T-Erase-Her”

Don’t T-Erase this music video! Vana Blu teamed up with filmmaker Halo Jones for the music video “T-Erase-Her”. Vana Blu is a pop artist based in London. With acting skills also under his belt, he has experienced the filmmaking process. He knows the importance of visuals.

Halo Jones is a filmmaker & musician, and has a passion for creating music videos. Jones and Blu, both based in London, were were equally passionate about the subject matter of the video. 

Sometimes the best voices come from music and the arts. Vana played the song to Halo and it all immediately clicked. Halo began drafting an amazing treatment which then led to everything coming together.

This is what they had to say about the video: “We expect some backlash of course. We’re trying to provoke a little, but at least it means people are stirred by the truth in it.” The song was co-written and produced by Peter Lyons.

We have the director’s statement about this incredible piece. 

The Torment of Boris Johnson 

T-Erase-Her’s visual component sets out to compliment the track’s overt political character by presenting a satirical representation of the current affairs of the UK and of memorable events associated with the individuals depicted. Its story takes inspiration from Dante’s Inferno, in which Dante is led by the poet Virgil on a journey through the nine concentric circles of Hell. 

There’s also an influence from Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol, in which Scrooge is visited by the ghosts of his past, present and future, to be confronted by his own transgressions and their ultimate consequences. Stylistically the video’s starting point was inspired by the medieval landscapes of hell painted by Hieronymus Bosch, though these became less obvious as the video progressed through its development. 

In our narrative we find Boris Johnson, tortured by his inability to find a solution to the Brexit debacle, being sent on a journey through his own nightmares; seeing previous prime ministers being subjected to their own personal poetic torment: David Cameron being kept on a leash by a pig in a suit, Theresa May forced to dance for all eternity. 

After being symbolically eaten by a creepy fairground vision of Nigel Farage’s head, he ultimately arrives in a future wasteland overlooking a burned-out London skyline. He looks out over the landscape as Jacob Rees-Mogg sits, laughing hysterically, atop a mountain of cash. 

The project is essentially a creative expression that channels the frustration and anxiety felt by its creators towards events that are out of their control and circumstances that feel as if they are deteriorating.

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