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Filmmakers Jiong Chen and Zilin Chai Earn Hollywood Recognition, Contributing Outstanding Chinese Stories

Arcadia, Los Angeles, June 15, 2023 – Filmmakers Jiong Chen and Zilin Chai are names familiar to cinema enthusiasts worldwide. With their notable works like “Thirty-Three Stories” and “The Foreigner’s New Adobe,” these two highly respected producers have gradually gained recognition in Hollywood for their profound storytelling and exceptional production skills.

Jiong Chen, an innovative filmmaker, seamlessly incorporates his unique perspective into each of his works. With a deep understanding of the art of filmmaking and precise execution, he showcases outstanding professional skills in script interpretation, location scouting, budget management, and actively participates in every stage of film production. From contract negotiations with actors and crews to resolving issues during the filming process, Chen adeptly handles challenges, demonstrating his on-the-spot experience and managerial capabilities.

The film “The Foreigner’s New Adobe” garnered widespread attention thanks to Chen’s involvement. Co-produced by filmmaker Zilin Chai and Jiong Chen, this movie tells the story of Chinese individuals stranded in the United States due to travel restrictions amid the pandemic.

Zilin Chai

Zilin Chai played a significant role in this project, showcasing his expertise throughout the entire film production process. From location selection to budget management, and negotiating contracts with actors and crews, Chai ensured the smooth progress of the project. Previously, Chai also made notable contributions to the success of the film “Thirty-Three Stories.”

Despite facing challenges during the filming process due to the global pandemic, Chai and Chen’s team remained resolute and persevered. Leveraging innovative techniques and online technologies, they completed the filming, presenting audiences with a realistic depiction of the emotional struggles and inner thoughts of those forced to stay in a foreign land due to the pandemic.

The film’s portrayal of delicate and sincere emotions resonated deeply with audiences. As they witnessed the loneliness and unease experienced by the main characters in a foreign country, they were profoundly moved by their unwavering resilience and inner strength.

Furthermore, the film “The Foreigner’s New Adobe,” produced by Jiong Chen and Zilin Chai, successfully won the Best Short Film Award at the 18th China-US Film Festival, further affirming the talents of these two producers.

Looking back at the recent outstanding achievements of Jiong Chen and Zilin Chai, we eagerly anticipate their future contributions to the world of cinema. Their passion for filmmaking remains undiminished, continuing to influence their peers. We firmly believe that Jiong Chen and Zilin Chai have a brilliant path ahead, with even more remarkable accomplishments awaiting their exploration.

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