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Global Nonviolent Film Festival Opens With a Lineup of 36 Films In Competition

Established in 2012 by the esteemed director Bruno Pischiutta and the visionary producer Daria Trifu, the Global Nonviolent Film Festival, now in its twelfth year, has evolved into a pivotal event for filmmakers who craft stories without resorting to the often-overused violence and gore that plagues much of mainstream cinema.

Digital Paradigm

From September 28 to October 8, film enthusiasts worldwide can experience a diverse palette of narratives on This platform aims to elevate the cinematic experience by curating thirty-six films from fifteen nations. This year, the selection is notably diverse, spanning genres such as documentaries, docudramas, animations, experimental movies, and even music videos.

For the genuine aficionado who desires an uninterrupted and expansive experience, the festival offers VIP Passes at a price of $100. This pass allows for an all-encompassing view of the curated content, including the daily video presentations, granting attendees the privilege of delving deep into the fabric of global cinema. Moreover, in a gracious nod to flexibility, all the competing films will remain accessible for streaming until October 15, providing the audience ample time to savor the selections at their own pace.

This year’s panel of jurors carries a weight of gravitas. The eclectic ensemble comprises individuals who have made significant marks in their respective cinematic domains: Brad Mays (USA), Olga Matsyna (Italy), Roger Paradiso (USA), Dr. Teresa Mular (USA), and Yuriy Konopkin (Russia). These experts will shoulder the responsibility of adjudicating the content, with winners to be announced on October 9.

Opening Salvo

The festival’s inauguration on September 28 promises an eclectic mix of films:


Directed by Vassilis Mazomenos of Greece, this feature piece is a masterful tapestry of seven stories, each delving into human experiences, challenges, and emotional complexities. Mazomenos’s intricate weave of narratives, from the sanctity of a closed temple to the chaos of urban riots, is a reflection on the contemporary challenges faced by individuals in different settings.

You’ll Be Ok Too: Christina’s Journey

This personal and poignant documentary is both directed by and revolves around Christina Mathieson-Segura. It documents a year of her life, capturing the tumultuous journey of battling breast cancer. The film offers a raw, unvarnished look into the physical and emotional struggles, the support systems, and the resilience that defines the human spirit in the face of life-altering adversities.

Father’s Day

A South African narrative directed by Tumelo Lekena, this film captures the poignant story of Alakhe, a 12-year-old boy navigating the complex terrains of a divided family. It paints a universal tale of familial challenges and relationships, echoing sentiments experienced by many worldwide.

A Broad Spectrum

For those inclined towards comprehensive insights, DARIA! magazine provides a meticulous coverage of the festival. With articles penned by State Senator from Hawaii, Will Espero, it ensures that cinephiles remain abreast of the festival’s nuances. Additional coverage can be found in esteemed publications such as Indie Activity and Film Daily magazines.

In today’s age of digitization, staying updated is paramount. The festival remains cognizant of this, ensuring its presence on digital platforms like X (@TorPix) and Facebook (@GlobalNonviolentFilmFestival), thereby allowing enthusiasts to engage, share, and stay informed.

Not to be overlooked, the poster for this year’s festival features the rising actress Stella Hinsen, a promising talent represented by Global Film Actors Agency.

In summation, the Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2023, under the aegis of the Canadian media production powerhouse, Global Film Studio, beckons to cinema enthusiasts everywhere. It offers not just films, but profound experiences, invoking introspection, and celebrating the essence of storytelling.

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