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Future of Film launches screen projects

London, UK – from more than 300 applications, the 3 final projects from the first Future  of Film Incubator were launched at a Showcase Reception on the evening of January  31st, 2023 at the Epic Games London Innovation Lab

Future of Film is proud to present the artists Ben Mole, Zinha and Frederic van  Strydonck and their diverse projects that cross film, TV, animation and the metaverse: 

  • “SAVE POINT” by Ben Mole, a science fiction adventure feature about a gamer  using her unique skills to rescue her errant father on a distant planet. 
  • “MOON MAMA” by Zinha, an immersive experience and digital storytelling  movement featuring the Afro-deity Moon Mama, who journeys to earth to save us  through the power of dance. 
  • “RIGHT CLICK STORY” by Frederic van Strydonck, a new animation studio  dedicated to telling stories for – and with – the passionate and growing Web3  community.  

The projects are the output from Future of Film’s unique 8-month ‘format neutral’  incubation programme designed to find, nurture and hone original stories and bring  them to market. Read more about the projects here. 

Future of Film Founder Alex Stolz with the final filmmakers; Frederic van Strydonck, Ben Mole and Zinha.

At the event, the artists had the opportunity to share their vision with select buyers,  financiers and executives from across the screen industries. As well as discovering the  projects and artists, guests also had the opportunity to experience the latest virtual  production technology on the Epic Games Innovation Stage.  

“We are proud of the diverse and innovative projects that have come through this  inaugural Incubator – and it has been wonderful to launch them here at Epic Games’  state-of-the-art facilities. A massive thank you to them and all of our Founding Partners – it is through their support that we have been able to bring these incredible projects to  market.” Alex Stolz, Future of Film Founder and Creative Director 

“It is so exciting to see how the Future of Film incubator projects are brimming with  innovation, rooted in strong storytelling, yet with daring ideas and use of technology.  Can’t wait to see how they come to life.” Thomas Höegh, Founder and CEO, Garden  Studios 

“We’re thrilled to host the launch of these innovative projects by these talented  filmmakers. Congratulations to Ben, Zinha and Frederic, and to the Future of Film team  for a successful first incubator.” Ben Lumsden, Business Development, Epic Games 

“Our goal is to help get creative content to the screen faster,” said Diana Colella, SVP,  Media & Entertainment, Autodesk. “It’s great to see the vision of these artists and their  compelling projects come to life.”

Guests experience virtual production on Epic Games’ LED volume stage.

About Future of Film and Future of Film Incubator 

Future of Film was founded by film distribution executive Alex Stolz in 2017, initially as  a podcast celebrating innovation in filmmaking. It has since grown into a global  community of creators and industry leaders with activities including the annual Future  of Film Summit.  

Future of Film Incubator is the unique development programme for filmmakers and  creators in the screen industries, designed to develop projects across all screen  formats, and launch them to market. The inaugural Incubator received over 300  applications and the 8-month programme featured expert mentorship and sessions on  worldbuilding, virtual production, and real-time tools, Web3, audiences, and community  building. 

Participant projects also benefited from audience research on their projects in  partnership with highly respected consumer research companies US-based Screen  Engine/ASI and the Danish Publikum.  

Future of Film Incubator is supported by Founding Partners Epic Games and Unreal  Engine, Autodesk, Nvidia, Dell Technologies, and Garden Studios. 

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