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'Flora’s Daughter' is the newest passion project of the young production company Tigerpack Productions. Here's what we know about the noir thriller.

Tigerpack Productions’s ‘Flora’s Daughter’: Noir thriller for 2020s

TigerPack Productions’s first release of 2020 promises to be the noir short film you can’t get out of your head. Flora’s Daughter is the newest passion project of the young production company, covering the darker side of the entertainment industry and how it affects a vulnerable young woman.

TigerPack Productions is making its mark

Founded by Emily Short and Vincent Cotroneo in July 2018, TigerPack Productions is an east coast based independent film company that specializes in the dark and the macabre. 

Emily Short is a graduate of The School of Visual Arts with a degree in film and an emphasis in screenwriting. She is also a licensed cosmetologist, a producer, and director, allowing Emily to step in on a variety of roles throughout their productions.

Vincent Cotroneo is currently studying English Education at Rowan University. He is also a writer and producer, allowing the team to bring a collaborative effort to their work.

In the two years since TigerPack Production’s inception, the team has produced a mini web series and two short films. The films have both been well-received, placing in multiple film festivals around the globe. 

Flora’s Daughter 

In the dark short film, Flora’s Daughter, viewers follow Grace (Priscilla Anselmo), a young actress who has always dreamed of following in her mother’s celebrity footsteps. Those dreams are crushed after the sudden and tragic death of her mother, as Grace’s attempts to navigate the industry on her own prove futile.  

Seeking closure, Grace travels from her current home in New York City to the home of her childhood. Intending to confront the memories of her past, Grace ends up with more than just the ghosts of her memories.

Upon her arrival home, Grace finds the walls much have become much more alive. When Grace is confronted by the memories of her past, she finds her mother, waiting for her. This kicks off a journey through Grace’s head and through the life she used to lead.

Highlighting how the idea of fame is glamorous to us all, despite the darker aspects of that glamour that are hidden behind a curtain. Flora’s Daughter pulls back the curtain on the glory of living life in the public eye.

Further TigerPack Productions projects

TigerPack Productions has already completed two major projects prior to Flora’s Daughter. Their first short film, The Attack was shot in just one day. With Emily Short stepping into the starring role, The Attack centers on a young woman who is hunted by an intruder (played by Vincent Cotroneo) with a sinister mission. The ten-minute short film is a quick thriller that made its way through the film festival circuit, garnering its own awards.

Prior to The Attack, TigerPack Productions released their first project, A Song to Remember. Sticking with their dark thrilling theme, A Song to Remember is a mini web series focused on a woman haunted by her past who finds relief in a pill that erases her memory.  

If you can’t wait to see what else TigerPack Productions has in store, follow them on Facebook and Instagram @tigerpackproductions and keep an eye on their YouTube Channel for their next original release!

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