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Lonely Wolf International Film Festival London 2022

The arts are often seen as a solo endeavor, an activity in which a single person is left to strive to bring their singular vision to life. While it’s true for some, the best art can oftentimes come from collaboration, and nowhere is the spirit of teamwork more evident than the Lonely Wolf International Film Festival London.

Lonely Wolf is a festival that prides itself on its “wolfpack” community spirit, which it has built up through online buzz and regularly engaging with indie filmmakers from around the world. Adrian Perez, the CEO and founder of Lonely Wolf, has forged the brand on not only giving filmmakers a platform to tell the stories that are near and dear to their heart, but teaching them how to hone their craft and master the arenas in which they want to enter.

Perez, a filmmaker himself, has noted that other festivals can be hard on contestants who fail to make enormous waves or whose film slips through the cracks. He sought to create a festival that gave each person a positive experience, regardless of their status in competition. Lonely Wolf has also proven to be a trailblazer in the growing industry of virtual film festivals, especially after the impact of the 2020 pandemic.

“[Lonely Wolf] has preoccupied itself with organizing THE virtual experience of ALL film festival experiences”, Perez stated on the website. “The best one, an unforgettable one, one to want to come back to, one that inspires you, that motivates you, that literally makes you feel as though your film’s in the running for an Academy Award or a BAFTA!”

In short, Lonely Wolf is the perfect hybrid of prestige festivals and the sort of interpersonal attentiveness that comes with online platforms. Filmmakers and fans will be given the chance to engage with fresh and exciting releases, without having to deal with the overwhelming aura of bigger (and in-person) festivals.

Lonely Wolf will eventually host week-long events in London and other European cities. “We host three film programmes + competitions every year, we’re trimestral,” Perez added. “From that paid reach, we end up at around 3.5K total attendees and 10K film streams!” 

The Lonely Wolf International Film Festival London will be held from August 8-14. The deadline to submit films is July 1, and you can click right here to see what the submission process is like. If you’re curious to see what kinds of films have won in the past, and what kinds attract the most attention, you can check out past winners here. Don’t miss out on an opportunity to connect with others and spread your artistic message with the people who could help solidify your career.

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