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How to Plan The Perfect Anniversary

Whether you plan a ten-year anniversary party for your friends or a diamond anniversary party for your parents, throwing an anniversary party is a great way to honor a couple’s time spent together. The party won’t only help the couple cherish the time they’ve spent together but also allow loved ones a chance to let the couple know how much their marriage has influenced those around them. Throwing an anniversary party may seem complicated, but below are the steps to a successful party.

Set The Date and Time

The first step in planning an anniversary party is setting a date and time for the celebration. You should always choose a date for the party close to the couple’s actual anniversary date. Set that date a few months in advance so that you can have time to plan the party.

You should check with the couple and see what time and date works best for them, but if the couple is planning it, they should check with their children and any close family members who will be traveling. The other thing to realize is that the time of the party is also just as important to consider because a daytime party will have a completely different feel than an evening one.

Live in The Luxury For a Day

Rent a limo and make things a little more exciting for everyone, it won’t always be something that you should do, because sometimes there are more people. But when you have a small gathering of people at your anniversary party. It will give everybody the chance to live a high-class life for a day while going out to eat or even just driving to your house. The nice thing about Utah limo service is that they are open 24/7 so if you plan to party all night and maybe some of you get drunk, you have got your ride back home.

Choose a Location

The location for an anniversary party depends entirely on the formality of the event and the number of people you’re inviting. Hosting something like a small get-together or dinner, you can host at the couple’s house or rent out a private room in a restaurant. If you have a lot of people, you can rent out a church hall, venue space, or something big enough to fit everyone.

Send Out Party Invitations

Once you’ve organized your guest list and have chosen the invitation design, you should send out anniversary party invitations about 6 to 8 weeks before the anniversary date, especially if the party is going to be formal. You should also list the date for the RSVP deadline so you can budget and buy the right amount of food and drinks.

Info To Include On Your Invitations:

  • Names of Couple
  • Date
  • Time
  • Host(s)
  • Location
  • RSVP Info
  • Dress Code

Plan Out Food and Drinks

One of the most critical steps in planning an anniversary party is to keep your guest happy and full of food! You should set a budget based on the number of people attending. If you are doing a small crowd, you might want to consider just cooking for them, but you should look into catering if it’s a big crowd. That way you will know how much you are spending.

Plan Entertainment

Anniversary parties generally include lots of dancing, so you’ll want to make arrangements for music and entertainment to keep the party entertained. Make sure that you play the couple’s favorite songs in rotation (especially their wedding song).

Get a Photographer

If you want to cherish that day, you should make sure that you book a photographer to capture all of the exciting moments at the anniversary party. You can get those pictures and make a memory book or scrapbook with your partner.


When it comes to anniversary party planning, start doing it early and take your time, so you don’t get super overwhelmed. Whether you are the host or the couple planning the party, you can have a friend or family member help you plan it, and it will be much easier. Dividing up the work makes things go quicker, easier, and less stressful. The most exciting part about planning the anniversary party is when the day actually comes, and you watch your plans come to life.

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