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The 36 competing films will continue screening on until October 15. Check out Global Nonviolent Film Festival's lineup now.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival Is In Full Swing and Streaming Live on

The Festival, open to a global audience, offers a program of 36 films that are in competition from 15 countries, and daily video presentations.

Entering the last weekend of competition, before the Jury awards are announced on Monday, October 9, the 12th edition of the most important and renown nonviolent film festival in the world, continues its live broadcast on

“Hosting this edition of the festival, thus far, has been a blast! It is truly the most successful we’ve had since starting in 2012. Maybe, it has to do with the fact that we are showcasing the event on our own channel to its faithful audience that is now joined by the event’s viewers. Or, maybe, it has to do with the fact that our festival starts to be “old” and it has steadily grown over the years from grassroots; it is now well known in the industry, as well as by a community of views worldwide who seek to watch movies that have more than just entertainment value, with stories that can also teach, inspire, and open new horizons, all awhile steering clear of gratuitous violence!”, says producer Daria Trifu, festival director.

The 36 films – narrative, documentary, docudrama, animation, experimental, and music videos – that can be watched on are introduced daily in video presentations hosted by Daria Trifu and film director Bruno Pischiutta, Member of the European Film Academy. 

The competition program ends on Sunday, October 8.

The awards are announced on Monday, October 9. 

The 36 competing films will continue screening on until October 15 in order to give additional time to the world viewers to watch them after the awards have been communicated.

The film personalities convened as members of the Jury for the Global Nonviolent Film Festival 2023 are (in alphabetical order): Brad Mays – USA, Olga Matsyna – Italy, Roger Paradiso – USA, Dr. Teresa Mular – USA, and Yuriy Konopkin – Russia.

The art, culture, and entertainment magazine DARIA!, available at, is providing the full coverage of the event with articles about each one of the selected films (written by American State Senator from Hawaii, Will Espero), in addition to daily news. The Festival is also covered by Indie Activity and Film Daily magazines.

The daily news can also be followed on X (previously Twitter) @TorPix and on Facebook @GlobalNonviolentFilmFestival.

Global Nonviolent Film Festival is owned and organized by Canadian media production and distribution company, Global Film Studio.

Contact Global Nonviolent Film Festival:

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