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Don’t miss out: The “Ovation” Award Winner Polyna Brings The Unforgettable Concert To The Iconic La La Land Movie Set

Polyna, an iconic singer from Siberia, has built a stardom in the Russian music industry and currently raising in the International markets. The recipient of the highest honor in Russian music — the prestigious “Ovation” award, equivalent to the Grammy and Brits, Polyna already achieved the height the majority of music artists can only dream of. With her upcoming concert at Hermosa Beach’s iconic Lighthouse venue, known for its appearance in La La Land, Polyna is set to leave a lasting impression.

Growing up in Siberia, Polyna discovered her passion for music at a young age. Her remarkable vocal range and emotional delivery quickly garnered attention, captivating local audiences. She seamlessly blends Siberian soul with international influences, creating a unique and enchanting style. Polyna’s exceptional performing talent and ability to fuse different musical styles earned her the highly sought-after “Ovation” award. Recognised as the top accolade in Russian music, this achievement solidified her position as an extraordinary artist. It also opened doors for her to expand her reach on the global stage.

Polyna’s upcoming concert at the iconic Lighthouse venue in Hermosa Beach promises to be an unforgettable experience. This venue, famous for its role in the Academy award-winning film La La Land, provides a picturesque setting for Polyna’s mesmerising performance. Audiences can expect a night filled with captivating melodies and electrifying stage presence. Polyna’s music transcends language barriers, touching hearts with soulful lyrics and mesmerising melodies. Her songs draw from personal experiences, exploring universal themes of love and self-discovery as well as her homeland – Siberia. Whether performing haunting ballads or infectious upbeat tracks, Polyna’s ability to connect with her audience creates a profound impact. Polyna’s success is a testament to her perseverance, talent, and unwavering passion for music. Her journey inspires aspiring artists worldwide, showcasing the potential for dreams to become reality. With her Siberian soul, international influences, and radiant stage presence, Polyna continues to captivate the music industry.

Polyna’s rise to stardom, highlighted by her “Ovation” award triumph, solidifies her status as one of Russia’s most successful musical stars. Her upcoming concert at the Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach is eagerly anticipated, promising an enchanting evening of Polyna’s captivating vocals and spellbinding performances. Her journey serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that dedication, talent, and a love for music can turn dreams into reality. You don’t want to miss it.

Where: The Lighthouse in Hermosa Beach

When: August 10th, 2023

To know more about Polyna, follow her on social media: @polynamusic

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