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The Girls Impact the World Film Festival for high schoolers and undergraduates in Austin, TX is one of ConnectHer’s biggest projects.

Film Festival of the day: ConnectHer

Some may say that charity starts at home – but not for Lila Igram and her team. ConnectHer provides a platform for women to raise funds for their non-profits. Women and girls around the world face formidable challenges. They suffer disproportionately from poverty, conflict, and oppression. Lila Igram wanted to do something to help. 

At the time, she was devouring articles in Fast Company magazine that featured social entrepreneurs who were having a positive impact on people’s lives. She thought she could find a way to make those kinds of effective investments in projects that support women and girls. In 2011, Lila decided to change how things work and launched ConnectHer.

The Girls Impact the World Film Festival, which is put on each year in Austin, TX, is one of ConnectHer’s biggest projects. High school and undergraduate students submit 3- to 6-minute short films that address global women’s issues such as: education for girls, maternal health, violence against women and girls, and a variety of other issues. The winner wins up to $25,000.

The Girls Impact the World Film Festival is gathering talent from all walks of life to come together and discuss topics which can be otherwise overlooked. Registration for video submissions start on November 1st! Keep up to date with news on Twitter, Facebook, and be sure to show your support for their amazing cause.

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