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Daniel Gottfried: Rising Star in Acting and Entrepreneurship, Set to Shine in MobKingThe Movie

Daniel Gottfried is a multitalented individual who excels in various fields, including acting, singing-songwriting, and entrepreneurship. His acting prowess has been showcased in an array of film and TV projects, such as the upcoming feature film ‘MobKing’ The Movie.

MobKing The movie is from the creator Ciro Dapagio, who reprises his role as Mike White, a “rehabilitated” gangster released from a lengthy prison stint, only to discover that he’s a target of Miami’s most notorious criminal organizations. Tiger Shark, Inc. represents Anthony Caliendo of MAINMAN Productions, Inc. and Ciro Dapagio of Ciro Dapagio Films. After returning home from a lengthy prison sentence, Mike White, played by Ciro Dapagio, a loyal crime family confidant, quickly realizes that he and his family are the targets of the organization that he remained devoted to all of his life. In order to save his family, he must choose whether to run or fight back. Gottfried will play the role as “The Don’s Nephew” as well as being associate producer in this highly accredited film. Currently, this film is credited to play at The 76th Cannes Film Festival.

Gottfried is joined by veteran actors like Robert LaSardo, Bruce Soscia, Oksana Lada, and James Russo for this highly anticipated film set to release this summer.

Gottfried is also known for Ultimate Invasion (which premiered on Amazon Prime globally on February 22nd, 2022), Sequence of Events, Trigonometry, and numerous commercials. Daniel is currently represented by GTK PR Talent Agency, LLC, which handles his publicity and media relations.

Apart from his work in the entertainment industry, Daniel is also a successful entrepreneur and owner of multiple businesses. His diverse skill set and drive for success make him an inspirational figure in the world of entertainment and beyond.

With his impressive range of talents, Daniel Gottfried continues to make waves in the industry, both as a performer and a business owner. He is dedicated to growing his career, and his passion for his craft is evident in every project he takes on.

Stay updated on Daniel Gottfried’s latest ventures and creative pursuits by following him on IMDb and Instagram. As he continues to develop his skills and take on new challenges, there is no doubt that Daniel will continue to inspire and make an impact in the worlds of entertainment, business, and beyond.

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