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Finding the Perfect Guy

Butta B-Rocka Shines in Debut Film “Finding the Perfect Guy”

It was a star studded night on Sunday, April 2nd at the private film premiere of Butta B-Rocka’s debut romantic comedy Finding the Perfect Guy. With a sold out viewing and celebrity guests like motivational speaker Les Brown, executive film producer Dolapo, J Wells Jr from Black Panther, and music icon Ian Burke, it was surely an event to remember. The reviews of the movie and the director were overwhelmingly positive. From the creative script to the stunning visuals, Butta B-Rocka and her team pulled off an incredible feat. Celebrity hat designer – Sherrell Anderson Founder of Ahmazing Culture Fedora praised the movie for its relatable characters and humor. After the movie, Butta was presented with a standing ovation from the crowd. With the success of Finding the Perfect Guy, we can’t wait to see where the distribution lands and what Butta does next. We’re even more excited for the sequel to this romantic comedy, and the possibilities it brings. It’s clear that Butta B-Rocka is a remarkable talent and her work has been met with great reviews. She is truly a multi-talented individual who is capable of producing, directing, screenwriting, and acting. We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for her next project and wish her all the success!

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