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Looking for a reality-hopping science fiction adventure that doesn't sacrifice character drama? Indie debut 'Between Worlds' is the film for you.

Explore Virginia Abromovich’s Sci-Fi Debut ‘Between Waves’

What if there were multiple realities where all our choices spun out into their consequences? The multiverse theory has been batted around in science fiction novels and quantum physics labs for decades, and now it is the subject of Between Waves. Virginia Abromovich’s directorial debut is cerebral & thrilling as it strikes a balance between speculative science fiction and high stakes character drama.

Produced by Alex Jordan, Between Waves stars Fiona Graham as Jamie, Luke Robinson as Isaac, and Miguel Damião as Miguel. The film was shot on location in Toronto, Canada, and San Miguel, Azores, Portugal and makes inventive use of lighting & effects to present a mind-bending story that weaves its way through the emotional landscapes of its characters and the literal realties they create.

This impressive debut will appeal to die hard sci-fi fans but also anyone who’s interested in watching empathetic characters struggling with guilt & grief in the face of brilliant new discoveries. Read on to encounter the world created by Abromovich and her team in Between Waves.

São Miguel

Director Virigina Abromovich co-wrote the script for Between Waves with screenwriter Katherine Andrews. The story first came to Abromovich over a decade ago when she fell in love with the almost-mythical island of São Miguel. The two worked together to craft the story of Jamie’s pursuit of her missing lover Isaac, a journey which leads her through multiple dimensions.

The island of São Miguel features as both setting and character in the film. Moody shots of the island’s gorgeous landscape hint at the deeper struggles happening with Jamie. The film’s protagonist is brought to life by Fiona Graham, who began collaborating with Abromovich & Andrews on the project at a very early stage. As a team the women have crafted a remarkable story about a fascinating cast of characters.

Diving deep

The strength of the film’s script & cast is matched by its style. Abromovich and director of photography Jason Webber, along with editor Jeremy Schaulin-Rioux and production designer Stephen Trivieri, have given Between Worlds a unique visual stance that highlights the mental states of the film’s characters while taking full advantage of its shooting locations.

And those locations definitely deserve their own recognition. Between Waves shot in thirty-five different locations, including the stunning island of São Miguel. The constantly shifting scenery within the film drives home the feeling of slipping through alternate realities in pursuit of a lost love. Composer Stephen Kreklo has crafted a compelling score that punches up the film’s powerful thematic explorations.

You’ll be able to experience the impressive work put into this delight feature length film firsthand when Between Waves releases on September 21, 2021. Whether you’re a sci-fi fanatic who’s been tracking the multiverse theory for years or just a film fan who loves good character drama, there is something for you in Abromovich’s feature.

This is one you won’t want to miss, and it’s a promising start to a directorial career that will continue through Abromovich’s next feature length science fiction drama Lil.

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