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Weight loss is hard. It can be harder as we age and as stress takes over our lives. Discover if a supplement like Z-Tox is the right tool for you.


With a surge in diseases internationally, obesity is still considered one of the leading causes of most health care problems. The problem lies in the fact that there is no overnight remedy that can help you lose weight. With an unhealthy Body Mass Index (BMI) comes a list of diseases with increased risk of mortality. Along with health problems, it can shatter confidence and an unhealthy lifestyle eventually leads to overall unhappy life. In order to combat the consequences of obesity, Z-Tox is now available to accelerate your weight loss journey in the healthiest imaginable way.

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What is Z-Tox?

Z-Tox is a powerful weight loss supplement that follows the footsteps of Norwegian tradition, especially for people who have lost all hope in other weight-loss strategies. 

Z-Tox supplements have added a new perspective to weight loss. The ‘Core Four Code’ used as a baseline for the development of these supplements force upon the importance of sleep in your routine to ensure weight loss.

These supplements are made up of four basic core ingredients that are completely organic in nature and stimulate the body to produce its own hormones without having any side effects on human health. Compared to the rest of the supplements, the price of these supplements, is affordable along with price reductions offered on bulk purchases. 

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How does it work?

It works by following this Norwegian tradition that explores the stages of sleep and its impact on human health and all the reactions taking place in sleep. The ingredients help in the release of the sleep hormone, known as melatonin. A time period of 5-15 minutes is known as NREM 3 Deep Sleep. This time frame is critical for all the metabolic reactions taking place in the body. These supplements allow your body to lose weight during sleep by taking control of hunger and stress hormones that basically trigger weight gain.  


The features of these supplements include:

  • Tasteless: No taste has been added to these supplements to make them easier to swallow.
  • Affordable: The price of these supplements is affordable and a whole batch of bottles is available at a low price.
  • Safe: This product does not contain any GMO, fillers, additives, and is non-addictive. 
  • Money-back guarantee: A 60-day money-back guarantee is available to secure your investment. 

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Four core ingredients make up this product. They are organic in nature with zero side effects. The details are discussed below:

  • Melatonin: As studies suggest, the body loses its power to produce melatonin after the age of 40. In order to upregulate the release of this hormone, these supplements have been proven to play a role. Melatonin is known as sleep hormone and it helps regulate sleep.
  • Calcium Carbonate: Calcium is known to stimulate the release of melatonin through activation of the brain by enhancing an amino acid known as L-Tryptophan.
  • Magnesium Citrate: It activates the nervous system and helps it release melatonin.
  • Pyridoxine HCl: Also known as vitamin B6, it is known to keep the body full of energy, meanwhile stimulating the release of melatonin.


This product has a lot of benefits:

  • Reduces cravings:

These supplements suppress the cravings for food, especially sugar which is one of the main reasons behind weight gain.

  • Helps in weight loss:

This product discovers the science behind a stage of sleep known as NREM 3 Deep Sleep that controls hormones that can help lose weight through reduced appetite, less hunger, and better sleep.

  • Fixes sleep:

One of the four core ingredients includes Melatonin, which is a hormone that helps you fall asleep. It is known that melatonin not only fixes sleep cycle but also helps in weight loss while you sleep.

  • Controls hormones:

These supplements control four main hormones. The first one being:

  1. Cortisol: Also known as the stress hormone, this hormone stimulates the storage of fats and leads to weight gain. These supplements reduce the release the Cortisol to help you lose weight.
  2. Ghrelin: Also known as the hunger hormone, it increases hunger leading to food cravings. Through this product, less Ghrelin is released, leading to reduced appetite.
  3. Leptin: This hormone helps you stop eating when your stomach feels full. These supplements increase the release of this hormone to give you a sense of fullness.
  4. Insulin: This hormone increases the metabolism of sugar, carbohydrates, and fat, leading to less accumulation of fat. 

Customer Reviews:

A lot of people have tried these supplements and a majority is satisfied with their decision of choosing a supplement that has an impact on many aspects of their life, from their sleep to weight loss. Many of them have claimed to lose weight through this product. Some of them have referred to it as ‘the best decision ever’. A lot of people, usually those above 40, have noticed positive changes in their weight, blood pressure, and sugar levels.


A recommended dose of 2 capsules per day with water has been suggested by the manufacturers. It should, however, be known that these supplements are preferably for people over 40 years of age and not advised for people who are already undergoing treatment for a medical illness.


The price of this product seems reasonable if compared to the price of sleeping pills or weight loss strategies like buying organic foods only as a part of the diet, or spending money on gym memberships and coming out of it unsuccessfully. 

  • One bottle costs $59 and has 60 capsules.
  • The most popular deal contains 3 bottles at a cost of $49 per bottle.
  • The best value deal contains 6 bottles, at a cost of $44 per bottle.

A 60-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee is available in case you are not satisfied with the results.

It is a supplement made up of four basic natural ingredients obtained from nature, without any side effects. This product is worth the money and claims to give a new direction to the stubborn fat you have been trying to lose all your life! Start Your Weight Loss Journey With Z-Tox Weight Loss Pills

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