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Will a pawn shop buy my coin collection? 

Do you have a coin collection that you think is worth something? A coin collection that you’ve been saving in an old dresser or closet. You may have inherited your collection from your father or grandfather. Whether you are a collector or a seller, a pawn shop is one of the places you should check in order to sell or buy your coins and coin collections. You may find something valuable on the shelves at these pawn shops. You could find some very valuable coins to add to your collection from these shops and at a lower price than you expect them to be. Here is a short 3 step process to get ready for a pawn shop to buy your collection. 


The first step is to have a knowledge of your coins. Pawn Shops collect all types of silver, gold, and copper coins from both America and worldwide. Find out and research what kind of metal was used. Know and understand the type or types of coins you have because you might be able to predict the value of your coins. The more knowledge you have about your coins, the better chance you’ll have of making more money. Knowing these details about your coins can and will help you get the best price for your coins. This shows that pawn shop that you know what you’re talking about. The best thing that you can do to get the best price is to research and recognize the value it means to you. 

Gather and collect your coins. 

It is very important to have your coins all gathered in one place and, if possible, have documentation to show the authenticity of your coins. The more verified your coins are, the better chance you will get an increase in the value of your coins. Second, don’t wash your coins at all. Collectors prefer to have their coins untouched even if they may be covered in dirt or are messy. Washing your coins decreases the value of your coins. Professionals will be able to tell when a coin has been cleaned and will almost certainly make the value decrease. Third, if you need to sort out your coins, then do it in the most logical way. Many people get a large number of lost coins, so maybe start by sorting them by gold or silver coins and then go from there.

Check With The Pawnshop

Contact your local pawn shops to determine the best place to sell your coins—here are a few’s and don’ts when contacting the pawn shop. Don’t go in and say, “How much can I get for these?” Contact and tell them about the type of coin you want to sell or pawn. By doing this, the pawn shop will get an understanding of the coins and their worth. There are many different reasons why using a pawn shop is because the pawn shop will buy your coins, but if you were ever to use a pawn shop and wanted those coins back, then you will most likely be able to get them. Pawn shops are always negotiable, and if you tell them about the coin. Talk to a pawn shop if you need quick cash or something fast. 


In conclusion, the pawn will buy your coin collection, and if you want more money, then take the tips above and put it into action by having a knowledge of your coins. Know that pawn shops are always negotiable, and if you tell them about the value it is to you, then you will most likely get the best price for your coin collection. You’ll never know the value until you actually bring it into a pawn shop. 

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