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Why and How to Use Weed Patches?

Transdermal weed patches are a novel way to consume cannabis. It does not need ingestion or inhalation. It’s not even necessary to touch a cannabis flower. A patch applied to a veinous area of the body allows cannabis to start working in the bloodstream for an efficient and long-lasting reaction.

The most common isolated cannabinoids found in patches are THC, CBD, CBN, THCA, and split ratios such 1:1 CBD:THC. Customers can select a patch based on the intended effects. For instance, one person might choose CBD to reduce inflammation, while another might choose CBN if they have insomnia.

What are Transdermal Cannabis Patches?

Transdermal weed patches are a topical cannabis extract that uses a delayed release process to offer all-day relief. Place the patch directly on the skin in a well-circulated location, such as the inner arm or leg or even the top of the foot, rather than inhaling smoke or consuming an edible.

Patches are intended to be absorbed through the outer layers of the skin to be pulled into the bloodstream and circulated throughout the body, unlike other topicals like salves or balms intended to treat site-specific areas where they are applied. This makes it possible for a more consistent dose to be administered over a longer period while the patch is worn.

Why Should You Use a Cannabis Transdermal Patch?

Due to their simplicity of use, patches have an advantage over other cannabis forms. Dosing lucky strike click through smoking can be challenging, especially for individuals unfamiliar with inhalation techniques. Consuming cannabis orally, such as through sweets or tinctures, allows for more precise dosing based on how much you consume at once, though time and effects may differ based on your metabolism.

With a few noticeable advantages over other ways, cannabis transdermal patches provide consumers with a less invasive approach to consuming cannabis.

  • Since they can be worn beneath garments, they are discrete.
  • As they are made to be worn for a long time, you do not need to remember when to dose.
  • The fact that the dose enters the bloodstream rather than passing through the digestive system may be advantageous for those who have issues with their stomach or liver.

What Kinds of Cannabis Transdermal Patches are There?

While there are numerous transdermal cannabis patches on the market, we primarily stock Mary’s Medicinals transdermal weed patches. These patches are available in sativa THC, indica THC, CBD, and a 1:1 ratio of THC and CBD, flavored THC vape among other cannabis kinds. Visit our blog for more details on the differences between these cannabinoids.

Mary’s transdermal patches contain 10–20 mg of cannabis per patch and are intended to be used for eight to twelve hours.

How do Cannabis Transdermal Patches Work?

Simply locate a veiny part of your body, remove the box, and adhere to the transdermal weed patch there to start using cannabis as a medication. To be sure you’re using the patch properly, read the instructions that came with it. Transdermal patches have a science behind them that explains why they are so helpful, despite the fact that the application technique is straightforward.

Permeation enhancers are additives that are used with the cannabis treatment in each patch. The cannabinoids in the patch get absorbed into the bloodstream on applying to the skin. Permeation enhancers enable cannabis drugs to bypass the skin’s natural ability to protect against toxins and other dangerous pollutants.

You gradually receive medical marijuana in precise, controlled amounts that allow you complete choice over how you choose to treat yourself.

Benefits of Transdermal Patches Over Other Consumption Methods

These distinctive possibilities give patients a range of therapeutic benefits that other ingesting techniques can’t offer, such as:

  • Directly released into the bloodstream
  • Rapid rate of absorption
  • Slow-release technique
  • Safe method of delivering cannabis medicine
  • Prevents the liver from producing THC metabolites with distinct pharmacological.
  • No THC spike can contribute to some of marijuana’s adverse side effects when used in smoking or eating.
  • Patients prefer pure terpenes and cannabinoids.
  • Compared to cannabis flowers, less exhilaration is felt when using cannabis.

In many ways, using a patch is comparable to prolonged smoke. You get all the benefits without the adverse side effects smoking can produce, such as inhaling smoke particles that irritate the lungs.

Wrapping Up

The effects of transdermal weed patches vary in duration depending on the brand you choose. Some of them last for up to eight hours, while others provide comfort for up to 96 hours. Along with cannabis treatments, some kinds of patches also contain calming substances like coconut, lidocaine, menthol, and others.

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