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Where to get a home blood test?

You can call the team to get your sample if you want to go for blood testing or other tests for your well-being. Do not worry; the HBA1C Blood Test can be done without hassle. You can call a reliable team to get the samples.

Where to go for the home blood test?

You can access Welzo for accurate results and reliable services. They are very easy to access online. You can go for online booking, and the team will access you at your pace. It is good to learn about their procedure and payment options. Not only for a blood test, can you hire their services for other tests? Learn more about them in the below lines.

Do they perform drug tests?

Checking drugs in the blood is very important. Addiction is not allowed during working time. To reduce this trend, workplace drug testing is a must. The body of the addicted person produces harmful hormones. The chemicals used in these tests are known as highly efficient indicators in detecting these hormones in the urine. The urine in the morning time is highly accurate for this purpose because it contains an extreme concentration of the Hormone in the addicted person.

Safe and Secure

It is a very important issue for employers. They should make sure that their safety comes first in this matter. It is certain that employee drug testing is safe and has no harmful effects on these employees. It is a significant thing that a worker should take advice from the doctor in this regard. These are inexpensive and convenient ways to confirm the presence of alcohol and weed in the blood. If you are worried about your health, it is better to consult a doctor. You can use a drug test kit for the safe side, but these tests are highly beneficial for those without medical facilities.

It is very sensitive and active to detect the presence of alcohol and weed at very low levels. A low concentration is detected in the blood. It can give you an accurate and confirmed result after the seven minutes you have checked. Commonly, an addicted person cannot work properly, creating irritation. But these tests can give you an accurate and confirmed result very easily.

Are these tests safe for pregnant women?

The drug testing in a pregnant woman takes into account the location of the HCG hormones in the pregnant lady’s body. Pregnancy is the name of the progressions that happen in the body of the ladies. In any case, some starting physical changes lead to circumstance that serves to call attention to the pregnancy. The chemicals used in drug testing to check are called detectors. It helps the women with the assistance of the test. The HCG hormones are developed by the fermented cells and the placenta of the fetus in the womb. The concentration of these hormones is higher in women as the pregnancy matures. It means that drug testing is safe for pregnant workers.


You can hire Welzo services for other medical tests, such as fertility test. They will come at your pace to get the sample, and you can access the reports online.

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