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Where Can I Buy THCP Products for Sale?

The cannabis industry is an inherently creative sector that can move quickly compared to regulations and policies. Despite THCP being introduced to the public only three years ago, a wide range of THCP products is available online today. THCP producers are not regulated, and quality control is a problem that has plagued the CBD/hemp industry for years. THCP must be synthesized from CBD. It raises concerns about residual chemicals and unintended by-products that may have been created during the process. These concerns are not limited to THCP but apply to most hemp-derived cannabinoids.

THCP Carts

A popular product of THCP products for sale is vape carts. A delta-8 cartridge will resemble one of these cartridges. You can choose between a standard battery-powered pod or a 510-thread compatible pod. Because THCP can’t be extracted from a whole plant extract, all cartridges will require terpenes to be added to the distillate. Strain names are not indicative of high-THCP strains, so you should not base your selection on them. This strain name best describes cannabis terpene profiles added to the THCP distillate. If they mean nothing about the content, they are catchy names.

THCP Gummies

Even new cannabinoids have sweet treats. THCP is usually found in a dose of 1-3mg. It has a strong reputation for producing THC-like effects at low doses. THCP is similar to THC edibles. Expect a long-lasting experience, if not shorter, because it has a high affinity for the CB1 receptor.

Although no studies specifically examine THCP metabolism, considering how other cannabinoids metabolize, it is possible there could be a psychoactive metabolite of THCP when it’s taken orally. It is similar to 11-hydroxy THC.

THCP Flower

High-THCP flowers are not possible. Any claim that high-THCP weed has been made is false advertising, or it has been coated with cannabinoids. You can expect powerful effects from any product of this nature, but the seeds you get will not grow into the same plant. It is possible to create future strains with higher levels of THCP. However, this will require a lot of intentional breeding. 

THCP Tinctures

THCP tinctures are made in the same manner as other THCP products. The dosing can be controlled precisely. It is advantageous when dealing with potent molecules such as THCP.

Bottom Line

We don’t yet know much about THCP’s safety profile. Some preliminary research suggests that THCP may be stronger than the THC we love. There are serious quality concerns. All products currently on the market are made from hemp. Despite being technically legal, they still face the same regulatory scrutiny as THC-O, delta-8 THC, and other synthetic or isolated cannabinoid products.

If you consume THCP products, ensure you get a COA. But, even more important, start slow and go low.

Vivimu mission is to provide customers with THCP products of the highest quality available on the market. They also offer a variety of pure CBD products, including delta 8 flowers, delta 9 gummies, and many others. In addition to being affordable and of premium quality, all their products undergo third-party testing. 

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