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What You Should Know Before Getting A Female Massage Therapist In San Antonio When You’re Pregnant

Being pregnant is at once the most beautiful and difficult time in a woman’s life. For some women, it is one of the most challenging things they have to go through, while others get through their pregnancy with relative ease. At any point, carrying a baby 24/7, month after month, cannot be easy; backaches and foot pains and swelling are common issues that pregnant mamas face.

As you’re walking around day in and day out carrying a whole other human inside of you, the backache isn’t going anywhere, unfortunately. Seeing a Female Massage Therapist in San Antonio is the solution. Spas For Pregnant Women cater to pampering and taking care in such tough times. But is it really safe to get a massage when pregnant? It is, and there might be benefits too. We understand this might be new to you, so let’s take a look at everything you should know about massages for pregnant mamas.

The Benefits Of A Massage During Pregnancy

Body massages are a great way to increase your body’s happy and good hormones!

While you’re pregnant, due to many reasons, you will have various pains and aches in your body and not to mention fatigue as well. A massage is a perfect way to get some oxytocin, serotonin, endorphins and, most importantly, some dopamine flowing in your veins. These, in turn, will help reduce cortisol, the much-dreaded stress hormone, and will help you feel happier and relaxed. Cortisol can be as bad for the baby as it is for you.

As your body is going through these changes, you will want a trusted person to offer you massages. Having just anyone do it for you is too risky, so you should always opt for a Female Massage Therapist In San Antonio. They know the right points to massage and will do it safely, harming neither you nor the baby.

Spas For Pregnant Woman – Safety Concerns

While it is true that you should be careful about massages depending on your trimester, it is much safer once you’ve crossed the first trimester successfully. You should try to avoid massages entirely while you’re in your first trimester. As you enter the second trimester, you can go for massages every three to four weeks. On the other hand, the third trimester might be the most difficult, yet you should consult with your OB/GYN before you go for massages.

Additionally, after you get the green signal from your Ob/GYN, you should look for a Female Massage Therapist in San Antonio that you can fully trust. You can also look for established spas, as their focus will be primarily on pregnant women, so you can expect them to know exactly what they’re doing.

Finding The Right Spa

If you’re convinced of the benefits of a pregnancy massage or your doctor has given their approval, you should begin looking for reputable spas. You should focus on Spas For Pregnant Women as their masseuse will be better experienced with pregnant women than a masseuse from a standard spa.

The thing about massages is that one wrong move can leave you in pain for life. Consequently, when you’re pregnant, choosing the right one for your massages is even more important. Chances are, once you get one massage, you will want more of it as the months get difficult carrying a whole other human inside of you.

Things To Remember

If you’re ready for your massage, here are some things you should remember, research, consult and learn about before going to your massage.

The Right Oils

There’s no massage without oil; it is very important to know what oils are safe and what is not. There’s a lot of hype around essential oils, and many people have, unfortunately, taken to essential oils as a cure for everything. This is as far from true as it can be!

While there are definite benefits to SOME essential oils, you cannot simply consume them or put them on your body without due care. Therefore you should ask your doctor and find out what oils are safe. It should be safe for your skin as well as safe when absorbed into the skin. If you’re unsure, always go for something plain and simple like olive oil, coconut oil or other similar oils, as they’re safe to be consumed.

The Importance Of Your Position

As you go from your first trimester to the next one, your doctor will begin to restrict more and more things you can do. Lying down on your back is one of the major restrictions as you reach your third trimester. Be careful of these as well!

A trained masseuse or therapist for pregnant women will be well aware of these. They may instead offer massages as you lay on your side or even sit up. If your massage therapist is not careful of the positions you’re placed in during your massage, you should leave immediately instead of waiting it out. The risks posed by certain positions are too high for yourself as well as your child. It is better to be safe than sorry.

To avoid such uncomfortable situations and waste of money, you should ask the spa about their methods before making your appointment for a session. You should be able to freely enquire about their massage methods, positions, oils and any other doubts you may have. After all, you’re giving your body and your unborn child’s health in their trust. If they don’t value this, they’re not the right spa for you.


Going for a massage when pregnant can be very safe as long as you’re aware of what’s good for you and what isn’t. In addition to this, you can ensure your safety by choosing a trusted spa like The Mama Bear Massage. We cater to men, women, children, babies and especially expecting Mamas!


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