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What is the Right Age to Purchase Health Insurance?

In today’s era, we are witnessing the rapid development of the medical sector. Therefore, treatments are available for most of the diseases. But, the advancement in the healthcare industry made treatment expenses massive, raising extreme financial worries. 

Hence, you must get health insurance coverage to combat these types of situations. But, you must know the correct time to buy a health insurance policy which we will cover in this blog. So, without further ado, let’s quickly dive right in!

The Importance of Getting the Health Insurance Coverage At the Right Time

Health Insurance is mainly an agreement between an insurance company and the policyholder. Whenever you get sick and require medical services, it helps you to cover all the hefty medical bills at the hospital. 

So, it eliminates the unnecessary stress of being unable to admit to a good hospital or expensive health amenities. When you buy a health insurance policy at the right age, it will not only help you clear your hospital bills but also pay for other things like ambulance charges, diagnostic test prices, room rent, operation theatre costs, etc. 

You can even get your ageing parents health insurance since they are more at risk of getting ill. Try to buy insurance at a young age since it offers several perks to do your financial planning in better ways. 

What Is the Ideal Age to Purchase a Health Insurance?

The right age or the ideal time to purchase health insurance is between 20s to 30s. Most people will likely be in good health at this age and ready to take financial responsibility. Furthermore, when you are young, you can select low-cost premium health insurance for yourself. Getting health insurance at a young age also makes financial planning more streamlined and easier. 

At a young age, it gets simpler to plan for allocating your funds to different insurance plans to protect yourself and your family. Here, we will highlight other advantages of purchasing health insurance at an early or young age.

Availability of More Options

Apart from getting low-cost premium health insurance, you can get many options when you decide to buy health insurance at a young age. You have the liberty to conduct research and compare different available options to get the best deal. It helps you make a right decision which further can save you money. 

No Need for Pre-Medical Screening

It is crucial to undergo many check-ups and medical tests while processing health insurance. The insurance company does it to understand whether an applicant is eligible to get the health insurance policy. The best part is that many health insurance agencies do not make this process mandatory for young and fit people. 

Lifelong Renewal 

When you buy health insurance at an early age, you can avail yourself of the advantage of lifelong renewability. It further ensures financial stability at your later age. You must remember that it is imperative to renew your coverage on or before the due date of renewal to continue your coverage. 

Simpler to Get Over Waiting Period

Most health insurance plans have a certain waiting period when coverage is unavailable for pre-existing conditions. However, generally, the health insurance’s PED waiting period ranges between 12 and 48 months. So, younger individuals are less likely to make claims during this specific period since the probability of having serious medical conditions is less among them. 

Outcome of Purchasing Health Insurance at Middle and Old Age

Even if someone cannot afford to purchase health insurance between their 20s and 30s, they can still have the option to buy it in middle age and retirement time. They may get fewer advantages but still can ensure financial stability. Here, we will break down the result of getting health insurance in middle and old age. 

Health Insurance at Middle Age

If you decide to purchase health insurance in your 40s and 50s, consider buying insurance with higher coverage. Usually, financial responsibilities are at the highest during this age. Also, encountering many health issues like high blood pressure, diabetes, etc., during this age is higher. 

Hence, you must buy a coverage with high sum insured that includes critical The family floater coverage can be ideal to lower the premium, but it will still be quite high. 

Health Insurance at Old Age

After you turn 60 or above, you must pay a hefty premium when you get a health insurance policy. It is so because you become more susceptible to severe illness at this age that may require long-term therapy and hospitalisation. 

Hence, standard health insurance will be insufficient for you. Therefore, you must opt for senior citizen health insurance coverage. This type of health insurance includes in-home hospitalisation, AYUSH therapy, organ donation expenses, etc. 


Health insurance is necessary to ensure a financially-secured and stress-free life, regardless of age. A good health insurance policy will ensure your life is spent well. Hence, it is advisable to purchase the right health insurance at the earliest to get additional benefits. If you do not have financial constrain, get health insurance right after you touch 20. The sooner you purchase, the better the outcome will be. 

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