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What are the Benefits of Professional Teeth Whitening?

Do you feel anxious about your smile and how your teeth appear? When they are not as bright and white as they used to be, it is easy to feel down and as if you do not want to smile around other people. First, know that yellowing teeth are part of ageing and happens to everyone. Plus, some treatments can help to restore the appearance of your teeth and make them white again. This can transform your confidence.

We all know that it can be tempting to grab a cheap teeth whitening kit when you are in a shop. But, this is something that is not recommended. In fact, many people end up wasting their money because they do not work. In some cases, they can even damage your teeth. Instead, the best way to whiten your teeth is through a professional service carried out by a dentist. Let’s take a look at why.

Diminishes Deep Stains

Staining on your teeth happens over time. In particular, this can be done by the food and beverages you consume. For example, coffee and tea can stain your teeth, as well as some fruits, sweets and other drinks. While you might feel like you take care of your teeth and brush regularly, staining can still occur. 

Thankfully, professional teeth whitening is something that can help with it. With the best technology, deep stains can be diminished. Often, whitening kits that you can buy will do nothing to improve these stains, and it can be demoralising. But, expert dental professionals have better tools at their disposal. For example, Smile Cliniq is an award-winning dental practice with locations in London. One of the services they offer is teeth whitening, and their treatment is 95 per cent effective for patients. So, you can say goodbye to stains and discolouration.

Avoids Unnecessary Damage

One of the big reasons why you want to avoid DIY whitening kits is due to the damage they can cause to your teeth. They can contain abrasive materials that damage the enamel. Over time, this can make your teeth vulnerable, and they might break easier or even be at risk of falling out. What’s more, the strong chemicals in some of these kits can burn and irritate the gums.

When you choose a professional teeth whitening service, you are taking care of your smile. You know that tried and tested products are being used on your teeth, and this can give you peace of mind. You know that you are choosing the best option for the long term and avoiding unnecessary damage. 

You Choose the Shade

Something that many people like about professional teeth whitening is that you can select the shade you want. Indeed, the more treatments you have, the brighter the white is going to be on the teeth. This is going to be your decision, and you can plan how you want to change the appearance of your smile if your teeth are yellow. People love this personalisation and being able to control what their teeth are going to look like.

Therefore, some whitening kits are unpredictable. They might not work at all, or you have no control over the results you do have. But, when it comes to professional teeth whitening, you can choose the shade you achieve, perfecting your smile to the way you want it.

Long-Lasting Results

Let’s not forget that the price of professional teeth whitening is going to be significantly more. Of course, this does mean that you are going to get results. But, they are not just going to last a few days. The results of these professional services can last for months. This means that you can enjoy having a beautiful smile all year round. Of course, you will still have to take care of your teeth. 

The results are going to depend on many different factors, such as your diet and dental hygiene. But, when you choose to take care of your teeth, you can enjoy long-lasting results. This means that you do not have to worry about paying more money all the time. You can enjoy peace of mind and know that you are spending your money wisely. Do not fall into the trap of the kits you can buy cheaply in stores. We have already mentioned that they can damage your teeth and gums, as well as not achieve anything. But, they can also be a waste of money and not deliver results at all. So, yes, you will be spending more money. But, you are getting lasting white teeth.

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