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Cannabis strains contain over 150 types of terpenes in them, each determines the flavor and smell of the strain that you are buying. Find out more here!

What are Cannabis Terpenes? Know More about Them

Every flower, plant and leaf has its unique characteristic odor and flavor. The same goes for cannabis too. However, did you know that there is a specific compound present in cannabis that gives it its characteristic flavor and odor? That is what terpenes are. However, when you buy weed for the first time, not knowing about this is quite common than you think.

Cannabis strains contain over 150 types of terpenes in them, each of which determines the flavor and the smell of the strain that you are buying. However, you need to understand that although the availability of terpenes is quite high in the strains, each of these types is present in very trace amounts.

This article will explore the different types of terpenes, what they mean, their flavor profiles and what you can make use out of them.

Where do the Terpenes come from?

As we said, terpenes are naturally occurring compounds that are found in cannabis strains. They are found in the trichomes of the buds, which is responsible for providing each strain with its unique taste, flavor and odor. 

Besides integrating the flavor and the odor, you must know about the terpenes characteristics and their role in ensuring optimal growth and survival of the strains that you are dealing with. Terpenes also ensure to enrich the color and the appearance of the strains. 

Terpenes also have a very strong aroma and characteristic flavor to them, which help in keeping the insects and parasites away from the strains. Also, you need to know that since terpenes are volatile compounds, several beginner budtenders can lose them during the process of harvesting and yield. Only an experienced budtender knows how to keep them intact and in prime condition. For better restoration of the terpenes, live resin extraction is becoming more and more mainstream.

What are the Medical Benefits of Terpenes?

When you come to know that terpenes primary induces the flavor and aroma in the marijuana strain, you might question its importance. Do we even need to pay more for live resin strains if they don’t have any kinds of potential benefits, especially on our health? Well, this is where you are wrong.

Cannabis terpenes have a lot of medical benefits to them that we don’t even know about. If you are in the same boat, let us walk you through some of the most important benefits.

  • It has antiviral properties

Several types of research and scientific papers on the hunt for new antiviral compounds found that terpenes have potent benefits. It has antiviral properties that are perfect in tackling the normal viral infections that we struggle with. Much like alpha and beta-pinene, camphor, etc., terpenes have amazing benefits in getting rid of the virus and killing them without harming the individual.

  • It has potent cancer preventive properties

You might think that this is farfetched and not true. However, scientific studies have again pulled through. Some studies prove that terpenes have cancer-preventive properties in them. They have potential impacts in preventing further growth and spread of the cancer cells in the body, seizing further deterioration of the condition in the affected patients. It is a notable anticancer and antitumor agent, which several doctors suggest trying as palliative care.

  • It has potent antidepressant properties

We live in a world where many individuals diagnosed with severe and chronic depression don’t feel comfortable taking medications for it. If that is the case with you and you are looking for some effective and natural alternatives, terpenes are a good choice. Several antidepressant drugs contain around 25% of terpene compounds in them to alleviate the symptoms and help the patients feel better at the moment.

  • It has antimicrobial properties

Not just with viruses, terpenes can ward off bacterial and microbial infections too. The antimicrobial properties in the strain are quite effective and help kill and stop further spread of the microbial infections in the individuals struggling with the same. 

  • It has pain relief properties

Last on the list of benefits from terpenes is that it has analgesic properties. If you are struggling with chronic pain and inflammation and want to further improve your overall well-being and prevent from having to struggle daily, we’d recommend that you give terpenes and in turn, cannabis a try. However, it is always advised to proceed with caution. The last thing you want is to end up struggling with your health because of a wrong choice.

What are the top Terpenes found in Cannabis?

When it comes to terpenes, we said that there are over 150 different types of terpenes available. However, this is where the twist comes in. Some of them are available in abundance in a few strains while a few others are available in moderation.

Let us walk you through the top three types of terpenes.

  • Myrcene

Not just in cannabis, myrcene is found in hops and lemongrass. It adds a herbal, earthy and spicy flavor to the strains. Besides the flavor profile, the strain has medicinal benefits and reduces pain, discomfort and inflammation. 

  • Caryophyllene

Although quite underrated, Caryophyllene adds a very subtle blend of herbal and spicy addition to the strains. It is also very common in other spices and herbs like rosemary, pepper, etc. This is one of the only terpenes that helps boost our immune system and has potent therapeutic benefits.

  • Limonene

Just like the name suggests, Limonene imparts the staple citrus flavor to the weed strain you are smoking. Besides weed, it is found in citrus fruits and even ginger. It has potent impacts in boosting our overall health by working on our immune system.

If you are buying weed, familiarize yourself with the basics of terpenes and their implications before you look up “Dispensary Near Me Now“. We hope this article gives you all the basic insights that you needed to know about terpenes and the basics surrounding them. The research surrounding terpenes is consistently growing and expanding, offering the users more understanding about its basics and compounds.

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