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Try or Ditch? Four Wellness Trends of 2023

There is no denying that there is a lot of money to be made in the health and wellness industry right now. The popularity of this industry continues to grow each year and there is no stopping it. 

Every year there is a new trend that catches people off guard and has consumers scrambling to try out the new thing. This year you can get ahead of the curb and take a peek into the four wellness trends of 2023. 

The wellness industry is set to cross $5 trillion by 2025, which is an absurd amount and some of these trends will be the cause. First is iv drip therapy, something that many people may already heard of but may be reaching a broader audience. Although it is not the usual one in a doctor’s office, the session can be brought to you making it even more accessible. 

Next, we have wellness apps and VR exercises. The use of VR or AR devices has been around for a few years but the growth is bound to skyrocket soon. Lastly, we have an increase in plant-based food. This has been around for a while but there is no limit on how much bigger this trend can get. 

There is some great information that we need to cover so let’s get started!!!!

1. What is IV Therapy?

IV therapy is a medical technique that delivers fluids into the body that contain vital nutrients and minerals the person may need. It has been a practice that has been going on for years and has become a common practice. 

If iv drip therapy is a common practice, why is it of the top trends of 2023? Well, now they are taking it a step further. Some companies are now making it possible to have the iv brought to your location, instead of having to go to a hospital or doctor’s office. 

The accessibility this allows can change the way patients are treated. Along with this you can have specialized iv drips that cater to what nutrients or antibiotics you need depending on your condition. After consulting with a physician you can easily set up an appointment at home your office or your hotel. 

2.Wellness Apps

Wellness apps are also a trend on the rise, many companies opened in the space and decided to jump in while they could. The great thing about wellness apps is that they can cover so many specific topics. 

One person’s app could be for mental wellness, and others could be for physical wellness. It all depends on the user, which is why this will be a trend that lasts for years to come. Huge companies like Nike have an app that can track the steps or miles you run, and so do other sports companies. 

The use of smartphones and watches has made it much easier to track these things and technology only seems to get better. Meditation has only gotten more popular just like iv drip therapy and wellness apps that focus on meditation have been trending as well. 

3.What is VR Exercise?

Virtual reality is always seen in movies and tv, and people always wonder if we will be able to experience that. Well, the time is now, because virtual reality is here. Virtual reality headsets are now available for around $300 and up. 

VR exercise is just like regular exercise but you are immersed in a whole new environment. This is supposed to make you more attentive to your workout and make you want to exercise. Although right now the trend is reaching a much younger audience, it is bound to catch on to other generations. 

As of right now, VR is primarily used by gamers to play but the switch is coming sooner than later and everyone will have a VR headset at home. 

4. Plant-Based Foods

Plant-based foods are not a new fad that young kids are trying; it is a real and promising way of life. Eating plant-based foods does not mean you have to be fully vegan also, adding it to your diet can help you live a healthier life. 

Many people are concerned about how food is sourced and manipulated before they get to eat it. Organic was the word that was thrown around a few years ago that created a buzz for years. 

There are many great plant-based foods that are made that taste just like the real thing. Even fast food chains have joined in on the action like Burger King adding the Impossible Burger to its menu for a limited time. Eating plant-based food is another way of getting those nutrients as iv drip therapy can get you.


It is almost 2023, and the time to jump on a new trend is now. These four shifts in wellness are pointing upwards with no chance of falling down. 

It is a competitive market and there will be many competitors to fall behind if they are not careful. It is always important to do your research before trying out any new product or service. Even before you get your iv drip therapy, you have to talk to a licensed physician. 

This is your chance to jump on the trends before everyone else, so go out there and check it out. 

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