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The word vitamins come from the word vital, meaning essential. How long do vitamins take to start working?

How long does it take for vitamins to start working?

Our health is our greatest asset. That is why it’s essential to take care of it. This concept is now well understood worldwide, with young people taking care of themselves more than ever before. 

It’s a great transition from the junk food days to exercising 4-5 times a week, daily jogg, and eating healthy organic produce. Another addition to staying fit is the use of vitamins by individuals.

What are vitamins?

The word vitamins come from the word vital, meaning essential. These are those specific nutrients necessary for a healthy body, and a deficiency of these can lead to many diseases. That is why people take vitamins supplements and Food on Vitasave, a renowned multivitamin.

Time required for a vitamin to kick in

Vitamins and even healthy diets like Food on Vitasave can get individuals questioning its effect. The most common question is how long it would take to work or how effective it would be.

 The answer, however, isn’t as simple. The breakdown of such vitamins takes only a few hours, but the effects can only be seen after consistent usage. Furthermore, many other factors, such as the following, play a role in that.

How deficient are you?

This plays a major role. Massive deficiency takes longer to cover up, but the effects can be seen within a few weeks with high dosages. So, if you are vitamin deficient, it may take a while to get your vitamin level back to optimal.

What vitamin type is it?

This also has a role in the time of absorption. The vitamins you’re intaking are of different types. Some are water-soluble like vitamin C, and some are fat-soluble like vitamin A, D, E and K. This means that some can easily be broken down, and some require more time. 

So if you are taking easily soluble vitamins, you may see results rather quickly compared to the fat-soluble ones that may require you to eat certain foods along with it.

What form do you take your supplements in?

The form in which you intake your supplements changes your absorption time too. Many vitamins, in the form of capsules may require time to break down. However, vitamins in liquid form or a powdered form are easier to absorb within the body and may show quicker results.

Are you checking other diet boxes?

Some vitamins have to be taken along with other nutrients to absorb well. For example, vitamin D and calcium are interdependent and lead to the absorption of each other. 

This means that to have enough calcium in your body, you require vitamin D too, and the deficiency of vitamin D can lead to a deficiency of calcium. Ensure that you keep such things in mind since they can elongate or shorten absorption time.

Do you have habits that may affect time?

Another thing that can affect the time it takes for vitamins to work are bad habits. A large amount of caffeine or alcohol can affect the absorption rates of almost all vitamins. Ensure that such habits do not extend your absorption time and hence the results too.

Do you have diseases that don’t let you absorb the vitamins?

Some gut diseases can also affect a vitamin’s time to show its effect. That is why it’s always better to consult your doctor for such questions since they are more aware of your medical history.

Final thoughts

Vitamins are essential for a healthy body, and that is why doctors recommend vitamin supplements to individuals. The time it requires to work can be a few days to a week and even a month; depending on the plethora of factors we discussed above. Make sure to consult with your doctor to get the proper supplements. 

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