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Varithena Vein Treatment

Varithena vein treatment is the latest in treating varicose veins. Varithena (polidocanol injectable foam) is a prescription medication used to treat the systemic of the great saphenous vein (GSV) and associated varicose veins of the GSV system. 

Varithena vein treatment recuperates symptoms of superficial venous insufficiency and the appearance of visible varicose veins. It is non-thermal, non-tumescent, and almost painless.

What is the Varithena procedure?

Varithena is a “microfoam” formulation of polidocanol (a sclerosing) and CO2. The result is microfoam with an appearance and consistency similar to white shaving cream and foamy. Varithena procedure commences through ultrasound guidance to inject the Varithena microfoam in the vein. The microfoam fills in the light for the circumferential contact, where it is designed to displace blood and destroy the endothelial lining efficiently. Varithena procedure may be recommended based on location, size, anatomy, and tortuosity.

Varithena vein treatment is:

  • Effective for treating veins of different sizes above and below the knee.
  • Does not require incisions, sedation, or general anesthesia
  • Does not require the insertion of a wire through the vein
  • Does not use heat, eliminating the risk of thermal injury
  • Does not use glue and dissolves in the bloodstream after treatment, leaving no foreign bodies in the vein.

How much Varithena vein treatment will I need?

The number and frequency of Varithena vein treatments depend on the patient’s anatomy, how quickly veins respond, and the patient’s treatment goals. There is a limit on the use of medication that we can administer every day to avoid the appearance of side effects. Some more prominent or resistant veins may require two treatments to respond fully, but most veins respond to Varithena after one treatment.

What can I expect during my Varithena vein treatment at the USA Vein Clinic?

You will sign a consent form and change into provided shorts for the clinic. 

We will clean your skin with alcohol and then use an ultrasound to locate the veins.

The foam will be injected into your veins through a fine needle. The foam fills and treats the desired section. The damaged vein collapses, and the foam is deactivated. 

After your Varithena vein treatment, we will help you get into compression stockings, and then you will walk for 30 minutes before getting in your car.

What should I do after the Varithena procedure?

  • You will wear thigh-high compression stockings continuously for three days after each Varithena vein treatment, then another seven days during the day. You can shower with your socks on or take a shower fast and cold without them.
  • You should walk 30 minutes twice daily after treatment and move your legs frequently throughout the day with short walks and calf exercises. This will prevent the accumulation of blood on the legs.
  • It is normal to have pain in the treated veins. This usually responds well to walking, compresses of ice, and anti-inflammatory medications such as ibuprofen (Advil) and naproxen (Aleve).

What should I avoid after Varithena vein treatment?

  • For at least two weeks after the Varithena procedure, you should avoid strenuous exercise (anything more than a brisk walk), heavy lifting, saunas or hot tubs, and massages in the legs. 
  • You should also avoid air travel for two weeks after treatment.

What are the possible side effects?

  • It is usual for your legs to be sore and tender to the touch after treatment.
  • You may experience bruising at the injection sites, and the treated veins may turn firm and blue.
  • The skin overlying more prominent varicose veins may also develop temporary swelling and brown “hyperpigmentation” as the body absorbs blood products within those veins; in some patients, it can take up to a year to disappear.
  • A rare complication is the appearance of a blood clot within a deep vein.
  • This risk is minimized by using ultrasound guidance and performing calf exercises.

If you’re looking for Varithena vein treatment, call the USA Vein Clinic to schedule your appointment. 


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