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You probably saw people on instagram and reddit with a vape battery that looks like a wooden pipe. Learn more about the viral vape now!

510-Thread Vape Pipe Battery Goes Viral

You probably saw people on Instagram and reddit with a vape battery that looks like a wooden pipe. It has gone viral on both of these platforms, and we are taking a look at where it can be found for sale. The World of Bongs, an online head shop, has the coolest new pipe vape battery with a timeless wooden pipe vape style for sale. The 510 Thread Vape Pipe Battery maximizes your smoking experience with reliability and finesse. Look great while vaping your favorite THC cartridge, and go days before needing to charge it.


It’s really easy to use this 510-thread vape pipe battery, simply click the power button 5-times to turn it on. Clicking on the power button 3-times will switch the temperature settings. This best selling dab pen pipe is a must-have 510 battery that will make the perfect addition to your next smoke session. The vape pipe is also conveniently comfortable to grip and set down without any damage. It comes with three voltage options and will universally fit with your 510 thread cartridge. The old school look isn’t the only aspect of this pipe vape that is timeless. 

Pipe Shaped Vape Battery Capacity is 900mAh

Above you can see a pipe vape battery with a THC oil cartridge attached to it. This combination results in a luxurious vaping experience. Now you can smoke for as long as you’d like with the pipe vape pen’s enhanced battery life (900mAh) and easy micro USB charge. If you’re looking for a buah pipe vape battery, this compact pipe dab battery will do the job like no other. It has enough power to last a couple of days of heavy vaping on a full charge. It also does not take long to charge, with an average of 20 minutes to reach a full charge from being drained.

3 Voltage Settings 

Change among three different voltages, but the suggested is the lowest voltage setting. The other options can be too much for most cartridges. The voltage setting starts with 3.0, then jumps to 3.6, and the final option is 4.2 which is ideal for use with a wax atomizer. The lowest setting is perfect for dense and flavorful vape hits. 

Authorized Retailer Online Head Shop

Find many well known brands such as Puffco Peak, Volcano vaporizer, and many other well known brands. This is because World of Bongs is an official authorized reseller for many popular cannabis product brands. Many may claim to be the ultimate place to shop for your weed accessories, but nowhere competes with an entire world full of endless premium-grade weed products that will meet your budget more than World of Bongs. This site is an online haven that proves itself to be a stoner’s dream come true. Carrying all you desire including the latest wooden pipe vape that went viral on Reddit for its charming old school vibe and precise functionality. 

Avoid wasting time and money on cheaply made vape batteries that stop working, and upgrade to the finest quality 510-thread batteries at affordable prices. You can have confidence in an online head shop and vape pipe battery featured on  The pipe vape battery ranked number 2 on a list of the top 10 best 510-thread batteries in 2021.

The Best Cannabis Accessories For Sale 

Find all your premium weed merchandise to keep your collection up to date and in style. Find it all from sleek stash jars to trendy rolling trays and ashtrays. You’ll appreciate the variety of adapters, bangers, bowls, and downstems found in the online store. Stock up on glass filter tips and cases for all your new items. To top it all off, World of Bongs has virtually everything you need for travel and keeping your weed accessories in tip-top shape such as cleaning brushes and solution. 

There is no need to stress over affording top-notch accessories for your fresh buds.  And the best part about it is you can enter the World of Bongs all from the comfort of your home. World of Bongs will deliver your new pipe cart battery promptly, and other essentials in a discrete package.

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